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October 2nd, 2009

Archive-author: Tazzie
Archive-title: Hypnosis

! What Hypnotism Is !

Hypnotism, contrary to common beleif, is merely state when your mind and body
are in a state of relaxation and your mind is open to positive, or cleverly
worded negative, influences. It is NOT a trance where you:

o Are totally influencable.
o Cannot lie.
o A sleep which you cannot wake up from
without help.

This may bring down your hopes somewhat, but, hypnotism is a powerful for
self help, and/or mischeif.

! Your Subconcious Mind !

Before going in further, I’d like to state that hypnotism not only is great
in the way that it relaxes you and gets you (in the long run) what you want,
but also that it taps a force of incredible power, beleive it or not, this
power is your subconcious mind. The subconcious mind always knows what is
going on with every part of your body, every moment of the day. It protects
you from negative influences, and retains the power to slow your heartbeat
down and stuff like that. The subconcious mind holds just about all the info
you would like to know about yourself, or, in this case, the person you will be
hypnotising. There are many ways to talk to your subconcious and have it talk
back to you. One way is the ouja board, no its not a spirit, merely the minds
of those who are using it. Another, which I will discuss here, is the pendulum
method. Ok, here is how it goes. First, get a ring or a washer and tie it to
a thread a little longer than half of your forearm. Now, take a sheet of paper
and draw a big circle in it. In the big circle you must now draw a crosshair
(a big +). Now, put the sheet of paper on a table. Next, hold the thread
with the ring or washer on it and place it (holding the thread so that the
ring is 1 inch above the paper swinging) in the middle of the crosshair. Now,
swing the thread so the washer goes up and down, say to yourself the word “yes”
Now, do it side to side and say the word “no”. Do it counter clockwise and say
“I don’t know”. And lastly, do it clockwise and say “I dont want to say.”
Now, with the thread back in the middle of the crosshair, ask yourself
questions and wait for the pendulum to swing in the direction for the answer.
(Yes, no, I dont know or I dont wanna say…). Soon, to your amazement, it
will be answering questions like anything… Let the pendulum answer, dont try
.. When you try you will never get an answer. Let the answer come to you.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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September 27th, 2009

Archive-title: Book: Heraclea – A Legend of Warrior Women

Book Review: “Heraclea : A Legend of Warrior Women” by Bernard Evslin
Copyright 1978 ( out of print , but I can tell you how to
find it … )

Book Rating : PG18

Bernard Evslin is an expert on Greek and Roman mythology , and some
of his academic works and fictional novels are still in print.
“Heraclea” is a retelling of the legend of Hercules , with a mighty
heroine in the role of Hercules.

Of both divine and mortal ancestry , the frail yet feisty teenage
girl Palaemona is transformed into the powerful , 9 ft. giantess
Heraclea. During her Herculian labors , she fights enemies both human
and monstrous.

Another Greek myth retold by Evslin is the origin and fate of the
Centaurs – retold in a way that is sure to appeal to fans of amazons!

The illustrator is Lucy Martin Bitzer , who has duplicated the white
on black look of old Grecian pottery. Her line is minimal and fluid ,
and her naturalistic, pre-steroid sense of anatomical porportion is a
refreshing alternative to the “L.H. Art/Eric Stanton” types of
amazon women. ( Variety is the spice of life … )

This is a little charmer of a book , especially for fans of tall,
strong women. There’s no explicit sex , but if you use your
imagination , this book is full of subtley suggestive passages. In
fact , there’s more sensuality and romance in Evslin’s text than there
is in a lot of the x-rated amazon fiction I’ve read. ( Also, I notice
that the x-rated stuff is more impact intensive … ).

How To Find It?

I found my copy in a remainder stack at a local bookstore. Used
bookstores file it in their Mythology section. However – you can read
it for free ! I’ve seen “Heraclea” in my local library – in the Young
Adults section! So, if you think you can borrow it with a straight
face , do it , and enjoy!

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September 24th, 2009

Archive-title: Good Vibrations: The Complete Guide to Vibrators

Joani Blank. Copyright 1989 by Joani Blank. Published by Down
There Press, P.O. Box 2086-BS, Burlingame CA 94011-2086. Available
at your favorite bookstore or by sending $8.00 (includes postage
and handling) to the publisher.

Once Upon A Time…

I walked a few times past the department store salesclerk who was
eagerly demonstrating the big blue and white massager. “On sale -
– only $19.50 today,” she said. Although I had heard about sexual
uses for electric vibrators, I couldn’t justify spending twenty
dollars just to try the massager for masturbation. So I turned my
back and asked her to hold the whirring machine to a chronically
tight spot on my right shoulder. The massager was stronger than
any I’d ever felt. The low speed produced a deep throbbing
sensation. The high speed was so fast it either tickled or hurt,
depending on how it was touching me. It hurt my shoulder so good
that I bought it without further hesitation. At the time, and for
some weeks later, I didn’t even try masturbating with it.

Up until then, the only way I had masturbated was with my hand,
occasionally using an object in my vagina at the same time. I had
inserted the handle of my electric toothbrush into my vagina,
enjoying the gentle vibrations and warmth, but it had not
occurred to me to use it on or near my clitoris. Within moments
after I held the new blue and white vibrator to my clitoris, I
experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. Although it was
all over before I knew what was happening, I saw great potential
for pleasure in my new toy.

My partner and I, being yard sale and flea market fanatics,
started to collect “antique” and just plain old vibrators and
massagers at every opportunity. After a couple of years, we had
acquired more than thirty treasures. At first, I tried
masturbating with every one and found, to my delight, that all of
them, regardless of size, shape, or intensity of vibration, gave
me orgasms. We kept them amid the jumble of their own cords and
loose attachments in a fabric suitcase under our bed.
Periodically we would haul out the suitcase, untangle a few, and
plug them in for our friends to giggle or marvel at. Some went
out on loan and never returned.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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September 16th, 2009

Archive-author: BeastBoy
Archive-title: Guide to Select Female Animal

This is a Guide written by one of my friends, BeastBoy. I hope you
find it informative… Constructive comments welcomed. All flames
will go to /dev/null…

A Guide to Selecting a Female Animal for Fun and Friendship

Copyright 1993 BeastBoy
All Rights Reserved


I have often been asked by the would-be bestialist: “What kind
of animal is the best?” A lot of the answer, of course, is
personal taste, but many guys have little or no experience, and
have no knowledge on which to base an opinion. An ideal
situation would be to have one of each to experiment with, but
in this day and age, few can have a place to keep farm animals,
and fewer still can keep a selection of them. Therefore, I
have written this paper, in which I will share some insights
gained over more than 35 years of making love to animals of all
common species. My opinions are my own, of course, but perhaps
the information here will help lead you in the right direction.

First there are some important things that are common to all


If you live in an area where you can have farm animals, there
are bound to be one or more livestock auctions nearby. If you
decide to attend, get there early and inspect the possibilities.
A lot of this is just gut feel, since you will not likely get
close enough to touch them. If you are going to bid on an
animal, select one that has a sleek coat, bright eyes and an
alert posture. A lot of auction animals have not been treated
very well in their life, so they will be suspicious of humans
and may be difficult to train.

The best place to buy livestock is from a breeder. The cost
will be higher, but you will be able to better evaluate the
animal and find out something about her history. You will be
able to get a “hands on” inspection, so be sure to briefly get a
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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September 9th, 2009

Archive-author: Nevyn
Archive-title: Guide to Sex with Dogs

A few people have chatted to me via private mail, asking
for advice on having sex with animals. I would like to put
down a few pointers for novices. Let’s concentrate on dogs for
this article, as they are the animal of my preference, and
also I think they are the animal most furries will readily have
access to. I will try to explain any jargon I use, but only
briefly, as I don’t wish this to be a technical discourse. If
you need clarification on terms used here, comment to me on
Alt.Sex.Bestiality or check a good ‘Encyclopaedia of Dogs’. I
am also only going to refer to animals that have not been de-
sexed (in the case of males, having their testes surgically
removed. In the case of females, having ovaries removed). I
can’t bear the thought of any animals of mine missing out on
sexual pleasure. Even so, I know in any city dog populations
are too high, and hundreds of dogs are destroyed daily. There
are good arguments for de-sexing, but a responsible owner
should be able to keep an entire animal without accidental
litters (and still keep the animal sexually satisfied!)
Also note that when I refer to dogs, I mean any breed
Labrador or larger. In my mind, anything smaller than a
Labrador isn’t really a dog. If I refer to a ‘Giant Breed’, I
am talking in the category of English Mastiff, Great Dane, St.
Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, etc. These are REAL
The first rule that leaps to my mind is this:- the
animal MUST BE CONSENTING!! If the animal is enjoying the
experience of having sex with you, the sex is so much more
fulfilling. If the animal is not enjoying it, you are
committing rape. If you have to force the animal into
anything, stop. I hope most of us would agree that we are
animal lovers, sharing sex with our animal partners as a gift
of pleasure. Any other attitude toward your animal partner
makes you a loathsome, slimy reptile, unworthy of the status of
a toad. So there.

Let’s start with bitches.
Bitches become sexually mature (depending on the size of
the breed) at around 8-18 months. The larger the breed, in
general, the later they will have their first heat (Oestrous,
the bitch becomes fertile after a 5-7 day period of menstrual
bleeding. Male dogs become insanely attracted to her scent,
and will chew/dig through anything to get at her. This lasts
for around 7 days, followed by another 5-7 days of menstrual
bleeding. After that the bitch is no longer fertile. Her next
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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September 7th, 2009

Archive-author: Dirty Bob
Archive-title: A Reader’s Guide to Amateur Videos – Vol. I

(coming soon in Video XCitement Magazine!)

I contacted most of the main advertisers in a recent issue (#24) to obtain
information for this Guide. Most responded promptly. Some sent samples. Only
a few did not bother to respond–and they are listed as such! I wonder why…?
As you can see, I did not ask for too much information–just the basics. I
wanted to help those of you new to buying this type of video get an idea of what
all is available. Hopefully, it will do the job. If it helps, great!

Name, Address Û cat. Û Video Û # Û Their Best-Selling Video Price
Scratch ³ free ³ N/A ³ 4 ³ “Thirsty”
Box 3032 ³ ³ ³ ³ 95 minutes AMATEUR $43.00
Kansas City, Ks. 66103 ³ ³ ³ ³ girl solo; oral/face cum shots
9 Southmoor Circle ³ free ³ $15.00³ 8 ³ 60 minutes Pro $19.95
Kettering, Ohio 45429 ³ ³ ³ ³ Nude activities & contests: mud
³ ³ ³ ³ wrestling, dancing, body painting
Lindsey Holden ³ free ³ N/A ³ 3 ³ “Lindsey #1″
1214 Washington St. ³ ³ ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR $25.00
Vicksburg, Ms. 39180 ³ ³ ³ ³ girl solo; misc; excellent!
Hott #420-MH ³ free ³ N/A ³ 5 ³ “Irene Shaves #1″
129 E. Colorado Blvd. ³ ³ ³ ³ 30 minutes AMATEUR $19.00
Monrovia, Ca. 91016 ³ ³ ³ ³ solo; shaves; strips; masturbates
Video Alternatives #405 ³ free ³ $20.00³ 20³ “Cheryl’s All-Day Affair”
1620 Country Club Plaza ³ ³ cred- ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR $25.00
St. Charles, Mo. 63303 ³ ³ ited ³ ³ girl w/ many guys! Nonstop fun/sex
WVP ³ $2.00³ $24.95³ 31³ “Vol. 16 – Darlene”
7737 Fari Oaks Blvd. I29³ ³ ³ ³ 65 minutes AMATEUR $35.00
Carmichael, Ca. 95608 ³ ³ ³ ³ lingerie changes; nudity, posing
New World Video ³ free ³ $30.00³ 62³ “Vol. 20″
Box 858 ³ ³ ³ ³ AMATEUR $35.00
Aberdeen, Wa. 98520 ³ ³ ³ ³ 3-way interracial action
California Classic Clips³ free ³ N/A ³ ³ “#10″ and “#4″
Box 1249 ³ broc-³ ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR/PRO $29.95
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Grand Canyon Adventure

August 18th, 2009

We had finished loading the rented motorhome for our trip, and
settled back to relax before going to bed. I pulled you close to me and
kissed you, tasting the perspiration on your lips. We were both hot and
sweaty from hauling out and checking all of our camping gear, running in
and out of the house and doing last minute arguing over whether or not we
needed this item or that. Now, crawling into bed beside you, I was too
tired to start something that I couldn’t finish. I looked forward to this
trip, cuddling up behind your naked form, and wrapping my arm around your
chest to draw you even closer.

The next day, after work, we showered and packed our last minute
items and drove off, leaving behind all the stress and the frantic pace of
our daily lives. We took the scenic route, going through Lake Tahoe and
into Nevada before turning south towards the Grand Canyon. The first day
was just one big adventure, and outside of Tahoe, I let you get the feel of
the clumsy motor- home. Sitting up high, with the large windows made us
feel like we were on top of the world. You did well driving the motorhome,
so we could now go to some other places as we’d planned, taking turns
driving if we had to head for home later that we’d planned.

We’d planned on driving at night, when traffic would allow us not
only the best economy, but the traffic would be sparse as well. Besides, I
had my own lusty fantasies in mind too. We left the Tahoe area late the
second day, the sun setting over the Sierra’s with an orange glow. We
drove south, down a well maintained highway, meeting little traffic. You
whipped up some sandwhichs while I drove, and we talked about how quiet it
was out in the high desert of Nevada. I opened a window, letting in the
warm night air, and even at 60 mph it felt warm and gentle. I looked at
you and felt your passions begin to stir even across the r.v. You removed
your top, baring your breasts to me, and then sat in the right front seat,
caressing yourself. In the dim glow of the instruments, I saw you slide
your hand under the elastic waistband of your shorts, and begin to rub
yourself. “Talk to me.” You said, “Tell me what you want to do.”

My cock pressed upwards in my jeans, straining against the fabric.
I looked over, seeing your legs spread over the armrest of the seat, one up
against the dash. Your breasts wiggled invitingly as the r.v. found small
bumps in the road. The only car we saw that night drove past, its
headlights tossing a fast moving glare over your naked tits, letting me see
you briefly illuminated. Then you’re back in shadow, and my eyes have to
adjust for the dim light. “Talk to me. Tell me how you’re going to fuck
me.” You say.

“Hmmm. First, I’m going to pull off the road a ways, and spread a
blanket on the ground. Then, I’m going to pull you from the r.v.,
completely naked and make you kneel on all fours while I fuck you
everywhere. I want to fuck your tight pussy, then I want you to suck me
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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August 13th, 2009

Archive-author: Adam Starchild
Archive-title: How to Become a Gigolo

There’s no other line of “work” as pleasurable and as
overflowing with opportunities to enjoy luxury, travel
and riches as that of the gigolo. And believe it or
not, today it is easier than ever for a man to enjoy
life as a gigolo!
To become a successful gigolo and enjoy the benefits of
this kind of life, you must develop and project the
proper way of thinking. There’s a great difference
between a “male prostitute” and a gigolo.
The male prostitute makes himself available to all
women of all ages, generally concentrating on bored,
frustrated and “exploring” housewives looking for extra
loving as well as variety to satisfy their sex needs. This
type of woman is very easy to spot, and even easier to take
to bed. It makes of a lot of, and a variety of beautiful
sex, but it’s all for free. You have to know precisely how
to cultivate these women to start, and then get them to
continue paying you for each time you “service” them — not
just the loan of a few dollars — which you never intend to
pay back — but $50 or $100 plus expenses for each tryst
you arrange with them.
The gigolo concentrates his efforts on making himself
available to widows and wives of busy businessmen who
really don’t care what their wives do, so long as they
don’t become emroiled in a public scandal. These women
range in age from about 45, on into their 80s.
So the first thing you’re going to have to do is stop
looking for ladies at or about your own age. Dress
yourself more neatly, more stylishly, and begin
“hanging around” the places these women frequent.
You’ll find very few in church! Those that you do find
in church will want to possess you, and somehow or
other steer you to the altar. You’ll find most of them
in night classes at your local college; in
self-improvement, self-awareness, and new life-style
classes; and of course, in all the better class supper
clubs and hotel type lounges.
Relative to evening college courses and
self-improvement discussion groups — these are your
easiest and most fertile “hunting grounds,” because
psychologists long ago proved that the basic reason for
adult enrollment in self-improvement programs is
directly related to a person’s need to be loved. All
you have to do is understand this basic fact, and make
yourself available to fulfill the needs of the women
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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August 8th, 2009

Archive-author: Standby
Archive-title: Flames of Passion, The

This article contains sexual situations between consenting
adults. If this pisses you off, don’t look. It also mocks the
selected groups of idiots who don’t bother to fully read posts
and send boring and insulting email (as befits their miniscule
minds). If this bothers you, you should probably not read this.
If you are one of the pea-brains who are being mocked, I
fervently hope this bugs the shit out of you.

This story is false. If you feel insulted by it, I was probably
aiming at you.

I was sitting at my terminal with Julie. Julie’s my
cohort in crime, often putting in long hours with me on those
terminally late projects. She’s a real looker, too, IMHO –
slim, long brown hair, dark eyes, very pretty, and a body that
is to die for.

We were working late one night on a paper that
absitively, posilutely had to be done by the next day. By 9PM,
everyone else had gone home. By 10, we were feeling silly. But
by 11, it was going well, so we felt little guilt in opening up a
window and scanning though the net, seeing what was new and news.
We scanned the usual comp.* groups and moved onto the
hierarchy. As usual when we were doing this, Julie was horny as
hell, and would do her best to distract me. In this case, she
started out by nibbling on my ear and running her hands up and
down the inside of my thigh.

“Shit, willya look at that!”

“What’s the problem, Standby?” Her hand was perilously
close to the rising bulge in my jeans.

“Some twits are bitching about a message I put onto the

“Oh?” she breathed into my ear as her hand started
working the zipper. “What did you post?”

“I was just complaining about the signal-to-noise ratio
of and how most of the posted stories are about
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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July 31st, 2009

Archive-author: Dick Ramcock
Archive-title: How to Get a Female to Let You Fuck Her!

In today’s society, it is relativly easy to get laid, but it does
always help when you have a GAME-PLAN! This is what I am about to offer
you, A planned way to get your prick into a female’s virgina (cunt).

Getting a woman to willingly drop her pants for you is not what would
be classified as an easy task, but the ultimate result of a warm and wet
pussy snuggly wrapped around your throbbing cock is certainly well worth
your most earnest effort!

First, Don’t bother trying to go after the most popular or the best
looking female in your life! That Bitch already has every stud in the world
trying to BANG her… Search out a plain looking female who looks like she
would be flattered by attention… This does NOT mean to pick a female who
is not worthy of your attemtion.

The selection of the TARGETED female is your initial step in the


Your selected Bitch should possess the following traits: She should
have an out going personality, a friendly smile and fairly large tits! She
should be very limited in The Dating Game, and she should not have a
current boyfriend. After all, this isn’t a lesson on how to pick up a Bimbo
or a common whore! This is a lesson on how to PREY on a young and innocent
female! You now want to show an interest in this female. Start out by
smiling at her when-ever you see her… After a few days, if you don’t
already know what her name is, BUMP into her by accident, and act
embarrassed, but keep smiling at her when you do this… Then take this
oppertunity to introduce yourself to her by exchanging names, and be sure
to compliment her that ‘She is one of the most attractive females that you
have seen in months!’

an interest in! (CHEAT! Find out one of her interests and study up on it!)
After all, this is the female that you have decided that you want to FUCK!
Now start SWEET TALKING your target! Mention to her that you heard that she
is also interested in WHATEVER! She will jump at this chance, unless you
are a FUCKING DORK, and then you should have gone after the DOG that looked
she should be BARKING AT THE MOON!


…End of the part1. To be continued..