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Spring Thomas

Monday, February 26th, 2007
Spring Thomas Spring Thomas Spring Thomas @ You're reading this right. Spring Thomas. And without a black guy. Why? Cause we shot her before she was Spring Thomas. In fact, this is Spring's very first sex scene. No lie. Just watch it. While mounting her male talent, she admits to never "being on top". Watch as her eyes roll into the back of her head from all the excitement of being captured on film for the first time. And just watch the cum shot. That's not acting, my friend. That's a teen girl who's never been sprayed in the face with baby batter. Spring's gone on to become one of the internet's biggest - but before all that went down, we shot her. First. -- Watch the Trailer Spring Thomas Spring Thomas Visit for more of Spring Thomas


Sunday, February 25th, 2007
Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy @ We found Kimmy in a quirky way. Doctor Z has an AOL account. He uses it to pick up sluts all the time. He's very successful. He finds Kimmy in a dirty chat room and meets up with her. He pounds her silly. He mentions making dirty movies, and Kimmy says she's interested. Z gives us her phone number; we meet her (and are totally blown away) and hire her immediately. Since Z had his turn, we figured it would be only fair if Doctor E got a turn. He cheerfully agreed. As you watch Kimmy's video, you'll notice she isn't acting. Those fuck faces she makes, those moans; her pussy even turns red (look closely)! It's all very real. She loves getting fucked, and it shows here. Enjoy. -- Watch the Trailer Kimmy Kimmy Visit for more of Kimmy


Saturday, February 24th, 2007
Kaya Kaya Kaya @ What can you say about Kaya? She's a total hottie, she loves to get fucked on camera, and her biggest turn-on (besides multiple partners) is a big wad of cum in her face. It's hard to get an idea just how tiny she is on camera, so we think you should know Kaya's barely 5 feet tall. She weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, and her awesome tits turn heads everywhere she goes. You should see how tiny and gorgeous her ass is in real life! The camera cannot do her justice. She showed up at the set with her boy-toy Sean, and he did a fine job of pounding the shit out of her in the top-secret Spunkmouth warehouse. And what a facial. Look closely at her legs & hair after the money shot -- they're a mess, too! -- Watch the Trailer Kaya Kaya Visit for more of Kaya

Boo D. Licious

Friday, February 23rd, 2007
Boo D. Licious Boo D. Licious Boo D. Licious @ This is easily my favorite Spunkmouth scene. It may go down as an amateur porn classic. Too little space and too much to say here, but in a nutshell, barely-legal Boo D. Licious came to us as a referral from porn star Bella Donna. Boo wants porn stardom, and we think she's going to be there. (This was her second shoot). Bucking the amateur slant at Spunkmouth, we hired porn star Brandon Iron to pound her silly. But we threw in Sam, an amateur, as the second cock. And get this: the legendary Dogfart was there and took stills for us. You get tons of content here, from all of Dogfart's superb hi-rez stills, the awesome vidcaps, the video itself, and make sure you check out all the outtakes! -- Watch the Trailer Boo D. Licious Boo D. Licious Visit for more of Boo D. Licious

BJ Swallows

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
BJ Swallows BJ Swallows BJ Swallows @ After BJ's 4 man cum bath, we decided to hire her for a shoot with Doctor Z. Z had witnessed the video, and he was rearin' to go. BJ heard about his big log and cum-shooting ability, so she was fired up, too. The result is another superb Spunkmouth shoot. Z pounds the shit outta BJ after getting a blowjob. They go 69, doggie, spoons, and plain, good old-fashioned missionary before Z dumps what is the biggest load we've seen in sometime. It was priceless watching her wash the cum off her pretty face. She really needed to jump in the shower, though, cause as she left the room, her hair was still a sticky mess! -- Watch the Trailer BJ Swallows BJ Swallows Visit for more of BJ Swallows

Spring Thomas

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
Spring Thomas Spring Thomas Spring Thomas @ This is a true story. After Spring Thomas's first-ever adult shoot with Doctor Z., she said it "wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, I had a blast!" So, in Spring Thomas's second adult scene, a white guy pounds her silly. In fact, this is about the only place you'll ever see a white guy fuck Spring Thomas. Why? Cause right after we shot this, she went on to become the internet's first teen black cock slut...and porn stardom. But, like most of the other tramps featured on Spunkmouth, we shot her early, early on in her career. So enjoy my brothas! We certainly all did. -- Watch the Trailer Spring Thomas Spring Thomas Visit for more of Spring Thomas


Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
Kaya Kaya Kaya @ The Spunkmouth crew was so excited after Kaya's first-ever shoot, we invited her back for more. The scene called for another fuckfest with Sean, and without telling Kaya, we brought in Big Dick Nikel. We knew this would either turn out great or totally backfire. We sent Kaya into the women's restroom to suck cock, then sent Dick in right behind her. This was the moment of truth. Would Kaya balk and shut the shoot down? Or go for it? Watch closely as Kaya doesn't miss a beat when she's caught! Ends up Kaya loved Dick's big 9, and it drove her crazy while he pounded her. Kaya got double dicked and loved every minute of it. This was Kaya's first 2 on 1 ever caught on film, and, sadly, her last. She "retired" after this scene, leaving us wanting more... -- Watch the Trailer Kaya Kaya Visit for more of Kaya


Monday, February 19th, 2007
Susan Susan Susan @ Last week we got an email from a certain husband who wanted to see his white wife sleep with a black man for the first time. We didn't pay much attention to it until he sent some pics and she was BLONDE, HOT and STACKED! So we agreed to set the whole thing up and film it for the Spunkmouth members. We also decided to play a little joke on the guy and hook his wife up with the hardest-fuckin black dude we know of: Wesley Pipes! Needless to say, Wesley completely pummelled her, as you will see in the clips! By the end of the shoot, she was begging to be fucked in the ass (which was specifically FORBIDDEN by her husband) and she even asked Wesley for his cell number on the side (both of which we caught on film and were supposed to edit out - whoops) All the incriminating evidence is in the outtakes. -Talk about never going back!! -- Watch the Trailer Susan Susan Visit for more of Susan

Nikki Lake

Sunday, February 18th, 2007
Nikki Lake Nikki Lake Nikki Lake @ True story: Many of you know Dr. Z. He's been a regular on Spunkmouth, and he's a master of picking up girlies in internet chatrooms. Our newest update is no exception. Z calls me out of the blue and says he's found another slut in an AOL chatrrom that won't be mentioned here. The problem is, he hasn't met her. He's got pictures...and lotsa filthy chat...just no face-to-face meeting. I'm a skeptic, and the whole time Z's going on and on, I'm thinking some fag has him fooled. Z assures me that he's right, and even goes so far as to guarantee the whole deal: if the girl actually shows, and she's shootable, we use him for the scene. If the girl shows up and she's a 400 pound whale, or if the girl is a dude, or whatever happens to prevent a shoot, Z pays for the room and beers later that night. The deal was set. We book the room, and Nikki shows. Nikki. Nikki Lake. In her first (and last) ever adult movie, Z pounds Nikki silly. Even bangs her buttocks. Then, she gets a spunked mouth. She cleaned up, and left the room, and we never heard from her again. -- Watch the Trailer Nikki Lake Nikki Lake Visit for more of Nikki Lake

Lil Miss Kitty

Saturday, February 17th, 2007
Lil Miss Kitty Lil Miss Kitty Lil Miss Kitty @ This was one weird-ass shoot! First off, I meet Lil Miss Kitty and the girl is about as horny as they come: she wanted to do a scene that very afternoon! HOWEVER, she just did NOT look legal to me. I mean, I could benchpress this girl with one arm. I checked her IDs 8 ways from Sunday, and believe it or not, she's legit. Young as hell, but still totally legit. With that out of the way, I then inform her that the guy she'll be doing the scene with is some dude who's been emailing me non-stop and wanted more than anything to be in a Spunkmouth shoot. In fact, I had never even met the guy, but he was so persistant I figured I'd toss him a bone *just this once* (everybody else is out of luck) for the sheer craziness of seeing two people I've just met fuck the hell out of each other while the camera rolls. The dude totally lucks out as you will see. By the end of their formal introduction, Kitty's face looks like a man-omlette and our boy is slapping her silly with his schlong. Enjoy- -- Watch the Trailer Lil Miss Kitty Lil Miss Kitty Visit for more of Lil Miss Kitty

Austin O’Riley

Friday, February 16th, 2007
Austin O Austin O Austin O'Riley @ OK, get this: I meet this dude who has a brother in a famous rock band. I can't really say the name of the band, but I'll put it this way- I like to call this guy "Gnat". Anyway- the guy is obssesed with porno, and upon hearing that I shoot porn for Spunkmouth, insists that he be in a scene. "Great" I thought, because this guy really looks like his rockstar brother.. turns out he's really hot for Austin O'Reilly, pornslut extraordinairre, so out of gratitude for putting his indirectly-famous wang to work on Spunkmouth, I hooked him up with her! Man, did he give Austin the business- check him out whacking her head into a frikkin ceiling lamp- he was going nuts, rockstar style. And best of all, he gave her the Woodstock of all facials- SPLOOOP! -- Watch the Trailer Austin O Austin O Visit for more of Austin O'Riley

Fiona Cheeks

Thursday, February 15th, 2007
Fiona Cheeks Fiona Cheeks Fiona Cheeks @ Life is fucked in the porn business. Take this scene, for example. I wanted to get my dick sucked by a blonde slut with braces.. so I book Fionna here for a POV shoot. We get to the location, set up the camera and she starts gargling my balls. As soon as we start getting into it, her fuckin' BOYFRIEND shows up at the goddamn door! What the FUCK?!?! Turns out her roommate tipped him off to the location. He starts bitchin her out that she's not supposed to be doing scenes without him, blah blah. We kept the camera rolling the whole time, even though I admit we probably shoulda hightailed it outta there. He was pretty pissed, but eventually we figured out he was this Australian schmuck, so we offered to let him anger-bang her instead and we made fun of him the whole time. Of course, I had already blown a huge wad all over her by then- it was really fucked up. -- Watch the Trailer Fiona Cheeks Fiona Cheeks Visit for more of Fiona Cheeks


Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
Savannah Savannah Savannah @ It's funny - the things people do for money, especially in this business. Take Savannah, for example: in her initial interview, she told us she was up for some pretty funky shit. We asked about bukkake (she said not THAT funky), double penetration (she's not a 3 input gal), and a 6 - 10 man gangbang...which, she was up for. We just couldn't get all the guys together. So, we offered up a suggestion: fuck a TOTAL stranger AND make sure the stranger doesn't know about it in advance. She was ready to do it, too; the problem, of course, is where to find such a guy. That's when one of the Spunkmouth crew offered up - "get a pizza delivered. One of those losers will do it for the right amount of cash." We all agreed. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, but, as the old saying goes, the third time's the charm. And like I said from the's funny to see what people will do for money. -- Watch the Trailer Savannah Savannah Visit for more of Savannah


Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
Meg Meg Meg @ Meet Meg. I hooked up with this little cutie through a newspaper ad. During my interview, I asked her if she had any fantasies that she might be willing to act out on camera. She told me she had always wanted to get fucked by an older guy- like a man 2 or 3 times her age. She said she's not really turned on by men her age and would like nothing more than to be (I quote) "a sex pet for older gentlemen." Damn, who would have guessed? I told her I could hook her up. You should have seen how excited she was- I thought she was going to orgasm right there. On the day of the shoot her panties were soaked from the moment she arrived, and she just couldn't wait to serve her Sugar Daddy's cock.. like a good little pet. -- Watch the Trailer Meg Meg Visit for more of Meg