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Monday, April 11th, 2011

It was just like in the movie!!! He had been talking to
someone. She took the cock slowly in her mouth since it was her
first blow job. Was this heaven or was this heaven? They all
changed position so one man was in her ass, Michael’s twelve inches
in her pussy and the other remained in her mouth. Her eyes rolled
back in her head as she had her next orgasm and simultaneously the
cock in her mouth exploded. She swallowed every drop. He then
played with her tits awaiting for Michael and the other guy to cum.
She let them pump till their hearts content. It was earth
shattering. They had timed it while one cock was going in, the
other would be going out. Finally they both climaxed as she had
her final and biggest orgasm. She felt the sperm oozing out both
her ass and pussy. The other two guys left.

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Archive-title: Purity Test – 1 Question




Version 5.01 (1)
Final Release
Public domain; no copyright. All rights wronged, all wrongs reversed. Up with
going down. The risen flesh commands: let there be love. Murphy’s law on
sex: Love is a matter of chemistry; sex is a matter of physics. Chaste makes
waste. Virginity can be cured.

This document was not sponsored by the Department of Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency, and was not monitored by the Air Force Avionics Laboratory.
The views and conclusions contained in this document should not be interpreted
as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the
Defense Advanced Projects Agency or the US Government. Neither should it be
interpreted nor inferred that the authors/contributors have actually performed
any of the actions contained herein.

Disclaimer of Liability

The user of this test acknowledges that sex is a hazardous sport; that a person
must copulate in control, and use good judgement at all times; that partners’
conditions vary constantly and are greatly affected by weather changes and
previous use; and that dirty sheets, variations in terrain and bed surfaces,
spouses/pimps/managers, forest growth, rocks and debris, clothed obstacles, and
many other natural and man-made obstacles and hazards, including other users
and customers, exist throughout the bedroom area. Personal managers
(pimps/spouses) and sado-masochistic operations and equipment are constantly in
use and may be hazardous to those not copulating in control. Impotence,
collisions, and social diseases resulting in injury can happen at any time,
even to those copulating in control with proper sexual equipment. Inherent
risks are part of the sport and may exist within your partner. As a condition
of being permitted to use the facilities of your partner, the user of this test
agrees to copulate in control and within the limits of his/her ability, and
further acknowledges and accepts these hazards, dangers, and risks and assumes
the risk of injury or loss to person or damage to property which might result
from use of the partner’s facilities.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Archive-title: Official Strip Joint Guide

THE O.S.J.G.(tm)



Volume 1, Number 2


This edition is the abridged electronic version of THE
O.S.J.G.(tm) and contains information on over 250 clubs in the
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Monday, July 20th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Theory Developed

My theory came into being from a multitude of experiences
and also from inner feelings which differed tremendously
from standard practice ideas concerning sex. I’ll take
this time to break down a few of these myths concerning
sex in general, and in relation to how Erosian Theory
deals with the same situation.

I. Sex is for people in love, primarily married people.
Men get away with sex because it is condoned for them but
women shouldn’t or they’ll be cheap.

Sex is for every one old enough to deal with and handle
the responsibility of sex. Sex is for married and
unmarried people. Sex is for women as well as men. Sex is
for everyone. It is GOOD, RIGHT, NORMAL, HEALTHY, for
everyone, at anytime or place when consenting adults are
involved. I think the keyword here is consenting adults.
As long as both (or more ) parties are in agreement as to
the nature of their act, there is nothing morally, legally
or ethically wrong with any sexual act.

II. Sex should be between one man and one woman only.

Once again, the keyword here is consenting adults.
Personal tastes, and the backward thinking of certain
cultures have forced us into the molds that we live in
today. Between two consenting women, or two consenting
men, any relationship desired is correct. It is their own
PERSONAL TASTES which defines their sexuality, and not
that of a televangelist or county commissioner. As long as
both parties enjoy and consent to an act, and it doesn’t
infringe upon another’s rights, who is to criticize. Also
who is to say that the act of sex should be limited to two
people. Many times there are parties of three, four, five
or more consenting adults who desire to share each others
sexuality. Where is the harm in this, if the above
guidelines are applied?

III. The act of sex should consist of vaginal/penile
intercourse, with foreplay consisting of hand to genital
or in some circles mouth to genital contact. Anything
other than this is really unusual or sick.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Monday, July 6th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice – Contents

The Temple of Eros

Erosian Handbook and Lifestyle Guide

April 1989

Table of Contents

1. Erosian Theory and Practice

A. Introduction
B. Definitions and Guidelines

2. Erosian Ritual

A. Disclaimer & Notes
B. Foreward…Erosian Rituals
C. The Induction Ritual
a. The Ritual
b. Appendix A – Inductee Preparation
c. Appendix B – Attendant Preparation
d. Appendix C – Temple Preparation
e. Appendix D – Ceremony of The Fluids

D. The Initiation Ritual

E. The Succession Guidelines

3. Erosian Structure and Hierarchy

A. Erosian Structure
B. Erosian Hierarchy

4. Erosian Codes and Guidelines

A. Erosian Code of Conduct
B. Erosian Code of Practice
C. Sexual Practices and Guidelines

5. Erosian Theory Development & Notes
A. Questions and Answers about ETAP
B. Call to Fellow Erosians
C. Erosian Doctrine #1 (Communications)
D. Treatise of The Physical Self
E. Notes & Misc. Information

Divers do it deep

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I went for a warm-water diving holiday – blue skies – clear water – my
club-mates all had other plans, or they had used up their holiday leave – and
so they got left behind

You never know who you’ll end up diving with – it’s a mixture, good and bad -
but it’s warm – We need our cold-water wetsuit tops on, over our swim gear, but
it’s warm enough to leave off the neoprene pants that are a must back home -
When I get there we have an odd number in the party – we start by diving with a
three – then the next new arrival is buddied with me – she isn’t bad-looking -
on the thin side – but she starts off like a real pain – chip-on-shoulder
feminist -

We start a boat dive – get our kit together – I go to check her over before we
dive – she says ‘don’t treat me like a beginner – I don’t need this macho diver
stuff – I’m an underwater archaeologist’ – well I come from a club where we
look after each other – we take safety seriously – I hope I’ll get the same
from you – she shrugs

we start the dive from the boat after a longish trip out round the coast – a
shallow-water boat dive should be safe and easy – no more than ten metres -
lots of light, warmth and colours – oh we can’t make up our minds to agree
which way to go – signal troubles and squabble – she swims well but wants to
lead off anywhere and everywhere – I follow – hardly any time to look at the
wildlife -

rocks and weed and crud – something wrong – we’re both tangled up in something
– I signal her to wait while I try and get rid of whatever it is – I get out my
knife and start cutting – she’s really nervous – fidgets and flaps – getting
more tangled up – is it net or is it line – can’t see as it’s practically
invisible in the water – just a bit of weed caught in it – I give her stronger
signals to stop fart-arsing about – point my index-finger – show flat of hand -
ring with thumb and first finger – meaning – you – stop right there – ok? -
at last she gives back – ok – she stops moving around and I set to work – only
a few strands round my fins – wow – she’s got in a mess – lots of tangled stuff
– knife isn’t the best for nets, but it’s all I’ve got – a very little air into
her jacket – so she’ll rise up out of the net as she gets free – bit of air
into mine too – I work to free her head first and then on down – what’s this,
more net stuff round her regulator valve – cut it free – stay far enough off
not to get tangled again myself we swap more signals while I work – check
there’s no more panic – she gives ‘ok’ back – right, now her body’s free and
out of the net, only her legs to do, there are strands around her knife-sheath
and fins – eventually we get her entirely free – at last – better check though
I’m pretty sure we’re all ok -

oh fuck, she may be a pain, but she’s got good legs – I get a slight stir about
the cock and wonder what the rest of her is like – well, now the main work is
done, but I run my hands all down her thighs, to make sure there’s nothing
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Bus Driver

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I was a school bus driver in my High School days or should I say DAZE. Some
of the young ladies that rode the bus sent my mind in a whirl and. They kept
my HEAD up and alert.
One I remember who was exceptional was Angie this sweet thing was always on
the front seat. She was picked up at the Jr. High school. We chatted often
about our futures and interests. She wanted to be a model and dancer.
Because she liked wearing short skirts I was able to tell her from what I
saw she had great legs for her prospective career. She smiled and blushed.
The next day she had on a new Micro mini and asked what I thought of it.
“It is honestly attractive and I adore the way it shows off your lovely legs.
I bet it has gotten a lot of attention from your fellow class mates.”
“Thank you! I really needed that. The girls have been a little cold today
and the guys were not so chatty ether.” Says Angie.
“That is because the girls are jealous and the guys are left in awe.”
“You always say the sweetest things.”and gave me a peck on the cheek. That
was the first time I noticed her breasts as they rubbed against me. I glanced
down her blouse as she bent over for the kiss. The softness and whiteness
there looked like heaven.
Till we reached her house I kept glancing in the mirror to look over those
long lovely legs. It is a wonder we made the trip safely. Occasionally her legs
would part or she would slip down in her seat. At those times I would get a
glimpse of her plain white panties.
When Angie boarded the buss the next day she had on a shorter macro mini
“I hope the class mates were more friendly today”
“No they weren’t. But how do you like my skirt.”
“Come on Angie, you know I like your legs. You must be teasing me. The
more I see of them the more I like it.”
As we drove home I could hardly tear my eyes away from the mirror. This
time Angie caught my gaze in the mirror.
She bent over to whisper in my ear. “How long have you been watching in the
In reply I made an announcement. “Since leaving school I have been watching
the misconduct of all of you. Now I am going to appoint a bus monitor, ANGIE.”
“Hope your mother will not mind you riding the route with me.”
“I am sure she will not. She says I spend too much time before the TV
Angie boarded the bus the next day with her mothers permission to ride the
full route. This doubled my pleasure for her skirt was another micro mini.
Half way through the route I could see Angie was getting restless. She lost
her posture and eventually rubbing a post between her legs. I was watching
and had noticed a darkening of her panties as it moistened. When she remembered
the way I had been watching the day before a blush came to her cheek. We
miraculously made it back to her home safely.
“You did a good job today! Thank you. I had time to tend to more important
business other than the brats.”
“Ohh Yea!! What business was that looking up my skirt? Hee Hee”
…End of the part1. To be continued..

The Commute

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Port Authority Bus Terminal was nearly empty at this hour of the
evening. Ben waited on line for his bus home to Jersey, exhausted after
another day of bullshit at his public relations firm. It was bad enough
to pull these late nights on occasion, but to top it off this was the
start of the July 4th weekend. Just about everyone else had deserted
the city for cooler climates, making the station seem more desolate than

There were two other business types waiting on the “33″ line. Ben
looked at the clock: 11:45, five more minutes. He glanced across the
corridor, to an old bum lying in front of a bank of payphones, to the
contents of a trashcan overturned by someone looking for cans to
recycle. He was jostled from his reverie by a soft voice.

“Excuse me, is this the line for Montclair?” Ben turned to behold
a very pretty blonde. He momentarily forgot the question as he stared
at her. “The 33, does it stop here?”

The woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She was clad in a
short, loose black skirt with a sleeveless gold top that accented her
hair, which looked freshly washed. Maybe she just came from the gym,
Ben thought. Her attire and hair complemented a deep golden tan. Ben
remembered that it had been some time since he’d been laid and he felt
some familiar twitchings in his pants.

“Oh, sorry,” he finally responded. “Yeah, this is the line.” The
blonde thanked him and pulled out a paperback.

The bus pulled up to the door and the riders boarded. They were
greeted by an announcement that there was an accident in the Lincoln
Tunnel that could delay the trip. If there was one thing Ben hated, it
was getting stuck in the tunnel.

The two passengers ahead of him sat up front. Ben opted for
something in the middle of the bus. The blonde sat in the row in front
of him, across the aisle.

When the bus pulled away from the gate, the driver turned off the
main lights. Ben switched on his overhead lamp and returned to his
crossword puzzle. The blonde switched her light but it didn’t work.
Neither did the one for the seat next to her. “Shit,” she muttered, as
she gathered he bag and moved to the seat directly across from Ben. At
least he would have something to look at.

The blonde crossed her sexy legs, and tugged at her skirt. Ben
kept glancing at her, hoping she wouldn’t catch him. But she was intent
on her book.
…End of the part1. To be continued..


Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

“I hereby give myself over to chronic masturbation”, I announced to
myself. My words were chopped up in the ceiling fan and then fell dead in the
silent flat. Traveling alone to Cairns, Australia was exciting in one way. I
mean there is the barrier reef and islands and topless beaches. But in other
ways, such as at nine at night and being in a place where there were strict
blue laws, well it was not so exciting. But laying in bed and lubing my prick
with baby oil was giving me very little satisfaction. I felt restless. I had
to move.
That is why I ended up cruising the bars. One was sort of fun. I danced
with some women but nothing seemed to spark and the music and noise became too
much to bear. Finally I stumbled on the sidewalk of a storefront (oh yeah, I
guess I drank a few blue tinnies also) in which the window was blackened out.
It was about a block from the docks where the reef boats departed and it looked
deserted. There was an “ADULTS ONLY” sign on the painted black glass. I
decided to give it a shot. The inside was much cleaner and brighter than the
outside would have suggested. The walls were covered with racks which
contained soft porn magazines. Directly in front of me was a glass case which
contained various dildos and fake vaginas (one that even pulsated!). To the
right was a curtained entrance way which had a handwritten sign over top: FIVE
DOLLARS – ALL DAY. What really caught my eye was who was behind the counter.
I couldn’t believe that a woman who looked like that could work in such a
place. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, slender, with short
blonde hair. Contained in a loose string tie top were two perkie, firm looking
breasts. She was busy SEWING! of all things and every time she pulled the
thread there was a solid but definite tremor under her top. Her nipples stood
out as they rubbed against the fabric like the tips of two pinkie fingers.
“What does five dollars all day mean”, I interrupted her conversation and
pointed to the sign.
She looked up, her eyes were blue, and she smiled.
“Those are x-rated movies luv. They run all day. We’re not allowed to
have any of the hard stuff in print but it’s dinky di if we show movies.”
“O.K., I’ll take a ticket”, I said.
I handed her a fiver and she touched my hand for a moment.
“We usually don’t get young ones in here”, she said as she continued to
smile at me.
Out of fear I broke the contact but I still wished to bask in her
“Is that sewing your doing?” I asked.
“Ah Yeah. We have a live sex show coming up soon and I’m making the
costumes. It’s one week from now. You really ought to come if you are in
town.” She answered.
“Ah! That’s no good,” I say, “I’ll be flying back to Alice at the end of
the week.”
“That’s too bad, luv,” she said as she went back to her sewing.
Walking through the curtain was like walking through the entrance of a
cave. The room was dimly lit. Chairs and sofas were arranged in front of a
large screen television. Some men were sitting and drinking beers they had
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Archive-title: River Dippers …

Affiliated with The Naturist Society

River Dippers, started in 1979, is a non-profit organization
dedicated to sharing information about ‘free beaches’ (those places
where people are free to wear as much or as little as they please)
located in central and northern California. River Dippers also host a
variety of social events for our members.

River Dippers welcome all who share our open enjoyment of sun,
breeze, water, and good people in natural, outdoor settings,
unbothered by clothing. We are affiliated with the national free
beach organization, The Naturist Society.


We participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the
year; Seasonal Parties and Potlucks, Monthly Meetings, Skinny-Skiing,
National Nude Weekend, National Naturist Association Gatherings, Nude
Hiking and Backpacking, Canuding, Nude Cruises (through River Dippers
Cruises), Nude Christmas Caroling, Visits to Naturist Clubs and
Resorts, Body Painting, and more. We also hold informal monthly
meetings to discuss and plan upcoming events


We have a five-page set of guidesheets available. Some of the
best skinny-dipping streams, rivers, and lakes in central and northern
California are shown. Places where skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing
are locally accepted and, indeed, the preferred way to visit nature
(in the outfit she issued you). Just send $2 in a self-addressed
stamped envelope (SASE) to us, regardless of whether you order our
newsletter or not.


Our quarterly newsletter keeps free beachers informed on
skinny-dipping locations and changes, on current activities in the
nude recreation movement (national, state, and local), and on
occasions when fellow River Dippers may wish to share a beach or other
activities together. Our intent is to keep organization and formality
…End of the part1. To be continued..