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Grand Canyon Adventure

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

We had finished loading the rented motorhome for our trip, and
settled back to relax before going to bed. I pulled you close to me and
kissed you, tasting the perspiration on your lips. We were both hot and
sweaty from hauling out and checking all of our camping gear, running in
and out of the house and doing last minute arguing over whether or not we
needed this item or that. Now, crawling into bed beside you, I was too
tired to start something that I couldn’t finish. I looked forward to this
trip, cuddling up behind your naked form, and wrapping my arm around your
chest to draw you even closer.

The next day, after work, we showered and packed our last minute
items and drove off, leaving behind all the stress and the frantic pace of
our daily lives. We took the scenic route, going through Lake Tahoe and
into Nevada before turning south towards the Grand Canyon. The first day
was just one big adventure, and outside of Tahoe, I let you get the feel of
the clumsy motor- home. Sitting up high, with the large windows made us
feel like we were on top of the world. You did well driving the motorhome,
so we could now go to some other places as we’d planned, taking turns
driving if we had to head for home later that we’d planned.

We’d planned on driving at night, when traffic would allow us not
only the best economy, but the traffic would be sparse as well. Besides, I
had my own lusty fantasies in mind too. We left the Tahoe area late the
second day, the sun setting over the Sierra’s with an orange glow. We
drove south, down a well maintained highway, meeting little traffic. You
whipped up some sandwhichs while I drove, and we talked about how quiet it
was out in the high desert of Nevada. I opened a window, letting in the
warm night air, and even at 60 mph it felt warm and gentle. I looked at
you and felt your passions begin to stir even across the r.v. You removed
your top, baring your breasts to me, and then sat in the right front seat,
caressing yourself. In the dim glow of the instruments, I saw you slide
your hand under the elastic waistband of your shorts, and begin to rub
yourself. “Talk to me.” You said, “Tell me what you want to do.”

My cock pressed upwards in my jeans, straining against the fabric.
I looked over, seeing your legs spread over the armrest of the seat, one up
against the dash. Your breasts wiggled invitingly as the r.v. found small
bumps in the road. The only car we saw that night drove past, its
headlights tossing a fast moving glare over your naked tits, letting me see
you briefly illuminated. Then you’re back in shadow, and my eyes have to
adjust for the dim light. “Talk to me. Tell me how you’re going to fuck
me.” You say.

“Hmmm. First, I’m going to pull off the road a ways, and spread a
blanket on the ground. Then, I’m going to pull you from the r.v.,
completely naked and make you kneel on all fours while I fuck you
everywhere. I want to fuck your tight pussy, then I want you to suck me
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Friday, July 31st, 2009

Archive-author: Dick Ramcock
Archive-title: How to Get a Female to Let You Fuck Her!

In today’s society, it is relativly easy to get laid, but it does
always help when you have a GAME-PLAN! This is what I am about to offer
you, A planned way to get your prick into a female’s virgina (cunt).

Getting a woman to willingly drop her pants for you is not what would
be classified as an easy task, but the ultimate result of a warm and wet
pussy snuggly wrapped around your throbbing cock is certainly well worth
your most earnest effort!

First, Don’t bother trying to go after the most popular or the best
looking female in your life! That Bitch already has every stud in the world
trying to BANG her… Search out a plain looking female who looks like she
would be flattered by attention… This does NOT mean to pick a female who
is not worthy of your attemtion.

The selection of the TARGETED female is your initial step in the


Your selected Bitch should possess the following traits: She should
have an out going personality, a friendly smile and fairly large tits! She
should be very limited in The Dating Game, and she should not have a
current boyfriend. After all, this isn’t a lesson on how to pick up a Bimbo
or a common whore! This is a lesson on how to PREY on a young and innocent
female! You now want to show an interest in this female. Start out by
smiling at her when-ever you see her… After a few days, if you don’t
already know what her name is, BUMP into her by accident, and act
embarrassed, but keep smiling at her when you do this… Then take this
oppertunity to introduce yourself to her by exchanging names, and be sure
to compliment her that ‘She is one of the most attractive females that you
have seen in months!’

an interest in! (CHEAT! Find out one of her interests and study up on it!)
After all, this is the female that you have decided that you want to FUCK!
Now start SWEET TALKING your target! Mention to her that you heard that she
is also interested in WHATEVER! She will jump at this chance, unless you
are a FUCKING DORK, and then you should have gone after the DOG that looked
she should be BARKING AT THE MOON!


…End of the part1. To be continued..

Archive-name Miscellerosia04txt

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Code Of Conduct

The following rules apply to all Erosian Theorist
registered and otherwise. They are general guidelines to
follow. If rules are broken then obviously the person has
no desire to continue on his/her study, and has elected to
divorce him/herself from the group. No rules exist for
expulsion of members, however prosecution and conviction
of a member by the city, state or federal government of
the United States for sex crimes will cause the Erosian
Coordinator to delete all input from this individual.


1. No Erosian shall engage in any sexual activity that is
not consented to by all parties involved.

2. No Erosian shall engage in sex with any person who is
unable to realistically make decisions concerning his
or her sexual desires, preferences, likes and dislikes.
This includes minors, the elderly, the mentally or
emotionally impaired or handicapped.

3. Safe sex and thoughtful attention to details of birth
control, disease prevention and especially AIDS
prevention should be practiced by all Erosians.

4. No permanent physical, mental or emotional damage is to
be allowed during sexual practices.

5. Any Erosian not desiring to participate in sexual
activity outside the scope of his own world, should
designate such by placing a N in the questionaire form
when asked about participation.

6. No Erosian should harrass another Erosian who has
placed a N following his PEIC number. This is
signifying that he/she is NOT interested in sexual
activity at that time.

By following the above guidelines I believe that we have
the ability to begin a listing procedure that will allow
others to meet and discuss and possibly experiment with
certain ideas and concepts.

Archive-name Miscellerosia02txt

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

This archive has been changed to reflect the deletion of the file two.txt.
This is the ritual of Eros. To gain access to this text, call the Dojo BBS,
at (813)286-4297 and download the files Eros.Zip.

Archive-name Miscellpure-rk100

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Archive-author: Texas A&M
Archive-title: Purity Test – Roadkill

The reader hereby is warned that roadkill games can be dangerous; not
all that appears dead is dead; not all scents can be removed by normal
means (ie, soap and water); not many of those who are weak of heart or
stomach can truly enjoy roadkill games, and attempt to do so at their
own risk of O’spurt-ing; not all roadkill is suitable for all things
contained herein, and discretion must be used in what one attempts to
do with a given piece of roadkill; not many states have laws
specifically banning roadkill games, but most judges and juries will
not think twice about locking up and throwing away the key on anyone
who can be shown to have participated in roadkill games; roadkill can
carry odd diseases; odd diseases can be passed between two or more
people engaging in roadkill games with the same piece of roadkill; not
all roadkill can be trusted when it says “I have it covered”; not all
roadkill is natural, some roadkill is manufactured and placed on the
road for tourist’s viewing pleasure by local governments (case in
point: the number of armadillos one can see as roadkill on any given
day in Texas far exceeds any estimations of the living population on
the previous day); not all roadkill is suitable for consumption; not
all roadkill will go with “basic black” pumps; not all people consider
roadkill a topic for polite conversation; not all parties can be
livened up by bringing along your own roadkill; not many people
consider roadkill an appropriate housewarming gift; not all roadkill
enjoys being roadkill; not all universities have roadkill
organizations that can tell you where the really good roadkill is and
that can inform you of local laws and customs in the area of roadkill
(start your own, today!); not many hunting magazines consider roadkill
eligible for “best kill” competitions; not many people read all of
these conditions, but all are held to have if they read later portions
of the test, and therefore the authors are not libel in any way,
shape, or form for anything that happens to a reader because of having
read the Omnisex, Roadkill Purity Test, unless of course something
GOOD happens to the reader, in which case we demand 40% off top–
contact the law firm of Grinch, Evil-anti-Grinch and Assoc., College
Station, TX, 77840, for payment instructions.

The Roadkill Purity Test is a blatant plagiarism of the original Purity Test,
and therefore we shall list its history as the history of this test.

Original Style Purity Test Genesis/History:

Version 1 (100) Created at MIT-1@aker House. Two parallel versions; one for
male, and one for female. Not much is known about this
version. It was ported to CMU by ps in 1982.
Version 2 (247) Spring 1983 – CMU/jb, pd, kr, ps, ts, mt, et al.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Archive-name Miscellpure-100400

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Archive-title: Purity Test – 100 Question

The Purity Test

Answer YES or NO to the following 100 questions. At the end of the test,
total up the number of NO answers. This is your score. The higher the score,
the ‘purer’ you are.

All questions pertain to men and women not related to you, unless otherwise


Have you ever:

1. Had a cigarette?
2. Had alcohol?
3. Tried pot or hash?
4. Tried stronger drugs (coke, acid, shrooms, etc)?
5. Thrown up from alcohol?
6. Kissed a woman?
7. Kissed a man?
8 French kissed a man?
9. French kissed a woman?
10. Put your tongue in someone’s ear?
11. Had someone put their tongue in your ear?
12. Fondled a woman’s breast, or had your breast fondled?
13. Put your mouth on a woman’s breast, or had it done to you?
14. Seen a nude man?
15. Seen a nude woman?
16. Had telephone sex?
17. Undressed a man sexually?
18. Undressed a woman sexually?
19. Been sexually undressed?
20. Fondled a man’s genitals?
21. Fondled a woman’s genitals?
22. Had an orgasm?
23. Climaxed from a partner’s fondling?
24. Brought a partner to climax thru fondling?
25. Performed fellatio?
26. Performed cunnilingus?
27. Climaxed from oral sex?
28. Brought a partner to climax thru oral sex?
29. “Finger-fucked”?
30. “Dry fucked” (with all your clothes on)?
31. Bathed or showered with a man?
32. Bathed or showered with a woman?
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Leave the Driving to someone else

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The drone of the engines finally put me to sleep. When I
awoke, the bus was pulling into the station in yet another small
town. No one got off, but three people did get on, and after a
short time, we were on our way, again.
The blonde headed lady had slowly walked to the rear of the
bus, and finally seated herself across the aisle from me. I gave
her a small nod of the head and a brief smile. She acknowledged
the nod with a smile, and sat down. Although she said nothing,
she did glance at me more than once, and after we were moving,
she finally leaned across the void and asked where I was headed.
I replied and she said that was interesting, as she was headed to
Dallas, also. To visit her daughter, her married daughter.
She didn’t look old enough to have a married daughter, and I
told her so. She smiled at that, and said thank you to the
compliment, and then looked straight ahead, silently. I made
myself comfortable again, and went back to sleep. The next stop
woke me up, again, and as I looked sleepily around, saw that she
was looking at me.
“Did you enjoy your nap?”
“I guess,” I replied. “I really don’t remember much about
She laughed at that, and as the bus driver said that we would
be here for 15 minutes, she stood and stretched, somewhat showing
off her figure, and then moved forward and off the bus. She
returned about five minutes later carrying a small paper bag.
After she was seated, she emptied the bag, one article at a time,
laying the cans of soda, bags of chips, and a cold sandwich on
the empty seat next to her.
The sight of the soda cans suddenly made me very thirsty, and
heaving myself up, I too stretched and made my way forward and
off the bus. I got a Pepsi from the machine next to the terminal
door, and after popping it open, stepped back onto the bus and
returned to my seat.
She had watched me as I walked back down the aisle to my
seat, almost in the same manner as I had appraised the figures of
women as they walked. She had smiled at me as I slid into my
seat, and again after I had sat down. I had merely nodded an
When the bus finally pulled out of the terminal, we both
settled in for the ride. With another six hours before we
reached Dallas, I looked out the window as the west Texas country
side slid by, and marveled at the hues in the sky as the sun set
behind us. The few other passengers on the bus were several rows
ahead of us, and all appeared to be either reading or sleeping.
“My name is Carol,” she said as she reached over and touched
my arm with her hand.
“Oh..” I came out of my own little world. “Nice to meet you
…End of the part1. To be continued..

The Commute

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Port Authority Bus Terminal was nearly empty at this hour of the
evening. Ben waited on line for his bus home to Jersey, exhausted after
another day of bullshit at his public relations firm. It was bad enough
to pull these late nights on occasion, but to top it off this was the
start of the July 4th weekend. Just about everyone else had deserted
the city for cooler climates, making the station seem more desolate than

There were two other business types waiting on the “33″ line. Ben
looked at the clock: 11:45, five more minutes. He glanced across the
corridor, to an old bum lying in front of a bank of payphones, to the
contents of a trashcan overturned by someone looking for cans to
recycle. He was jostled from his reverie by a soft voice.

“Excuse me, is this the line for Montclair?” Ben turned to behold
a very pretty blonde. He momentarily forgot the question as he stared
at her. “The 33, does it stop here?”

The woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She was clad in a
short, loose black skirt with a sleeveless gold top that accented her
hair, which looked freshly washed. Maybe she just came from the gym,
Ben thought. Her attire and hair complemented a deep golden tan. Ben
remembered that it had been some time since he’d been laid and he felt
some familiar twitchings in his pants.

“Oh, sorry,” he finally responded. “Yeah, this is the line.” The
blonde thanked him and pulled out a paperback.

The bus pulled up to the door and the riders boarded. They were
greeted by an announcement that there was an accident in the Lincoln
Tunnel that could delay the trip. If there was one thing Ben hated, it
was getting stuck in the tunnel.

The two passengers ahead of him sat up front. Ben opted for
something in the middle of the bus. The blonde sat in the row in front
of him, across the aisle.

When the bus pulled away from the gate, the driver turned off the
main lights. Ben switched on his overhead lamp and returned to his
crossword puzzle. The blonde switched her light but it didn’t work.
Neither did the one for the seat next to her. “Shit,” she muttered, as
she gathered he bag and moved to the seat directly across from Ben. At
least he would have something to look at.

The blonde crossed her sexy legs, and tugged at her skirt. Ben
kept glancing at her, hoping she wouldn’t catch him. But she was intent
on her book.
…End of the part1. To be continued..