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It was just like in the movie!!! He had been talking to
someone. She took the cock slowly in her mouth since it was her
first blow job. Was this heaven or was this heaven? They all
changed position so one man was in her ass, Michael’s twelve inches
in her pussy and the other remained in her mouth. Her eyes rolled
back in her head as she had her next orgasm and simultaneously the
cock in her mouth exploded. She swallowed every drop. He then
played with her tits awaiting for Michael and the other guy to cum.
She let them pump till their hearts content. It was earth
shattering. They had timed it while one cock was going in, the
other would be going out. Finally they both climaxed as she had
her final and biggest orgasm. She felt the sperm oozing out both
her ass and pussy. The other two guys left.

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