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Erosian Treatise on the Physical Self

Erosian Theory And Practice may at some points be
abbreviated as ETAP.

As an Erosian is well aware, our theory and practice stems
from the physical act of sex. Sex has been defined on many
levels, detailing its influence in love, family, lust,ect.
However it is in the best interest of the studied Erosian
to separate the levels of his/her sexuality and come to an
understanding on each level. By following the above listed
order of sexual definition, we will look at how Erosian
Theory can apply to all levels of sexuality.

LOVE – Erosian Theory finds its biggest opposition, as
well as it’s biggest supporter in the love relationship.
Unless both parties are involved in the Erosian study,
growth, desire, and demand will differ. However when two
compatible people, who both work and understand Erosian
they join together to grow, experience and build on the
Erosian concepts together, exploring to the desired growth
potential. Erosian concepts do allow for non-Erosian
relationships, at which time the Erosian should be aware
that he/she will need to limit the physical experience
growth, and expand mentally, or look to physical self
growth via self gratification.

FAMILY – Although Erosian Theory takes a backseat to the
proper way to raise children, many of it’s ideals can
apply. Personal respect for ones’s thoughts and actions,
dignity in sexual relationships, respect for the thoughts
and actions or others, as well as the non-judgemental
aspect of Erosian Theory makes for strong teaching tools
when working to define a child’s attitudes toward sex.
Once again, it cannot be stated emphatically enough that
Erosian Theory and Practice in no way espouses any sexual
activity amongst children.

LUST – This is the cornerstone of the Erosian Theory.
Although we have grown to respond to lust as a negative
term, usually defined as base sexual instinct, this is
merely another program set by narrow minded individuals
who cannot understand the natural goodness inherant in
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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