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Archive-name Miscellerosia05txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Code Of Practice

The following is the beginnings of a compilation of sexual
practices, including those deemed to be normal. This list
should in no way be considered complete, and I welcome and
encourage fellow Erosian Theorists to contribute to the
building of this list to its completion. The list also
contains brief descriptions of the practices, as well as a
code which will be combined with each registered Erosian’s
number to form a personal Erosian identification code,
known from here on as a PEIC. This code will allow
Erosians to identify others and to identify their primary

0 Masturbation Self Gratification,Style
varies, solo artist

1 Straight Enjoys hetro sex, basic

2 Oral-1 Hetro oral. Male to Fem.
includes 69, and 1-1

3 Gay Gay Sex,rubbing, hands,
massage, love making

4 Oral-2 Gay oral, man/man,woman/
woman. incl. 69, and 1-1

5 Bi Likes either, inc. 1-4

6 Dominant Controls activity,leads
direction of activity

7 Submissive Receives activity,follow
lead given

8 Equal Both give & take, equal
footing in relationship

9 Non-Sexual Theorist only, assigned
for record sake only.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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