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Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Archive-title: Official Strip Joint Guide

THE O.S.J.G.(tm)



Volume 1, Number 2


This edition is the abridged electronic version of THE
O.S.J.G.(tm) and contains information on over 250 clubs in the
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Archive-author: RICHH
Archive-title: Seems like Old Times

Somehow my brother had managed to score some dope of the kind
that I hadn’t seen around in almost 5 years. We’re talking KILL.
ER. MTV was on but the sound was off. Howard pulled out some
papers. We were sitting cross-legged, on the carpet, in front of
the tv.
“Screw that,” I said. “Grab the bong.” He did.
I filled it, but just enough for one good hit. That Wilson
Philips song ‘Hold On’ came on.
“All right,” said Karen, as I took the first hit. “Quick top
ten list.”
“Topic?” asked Howard.
“Top ten things heard at a Wilson Philips party, after Chynna
and Wendi have gone outside to make out with their boyfriends.”
I half-laughed, half-choked, and passed the bong to my
“Excellent,” I said. “Number 10–Such a pretty face.”
Karen said, “9–a great personality.”
My brother scored big with “She writes *all* the songs you
But Karen topped it with “Brian was the most talented.”
Karen did her hit and I said “She was a champion swimmer in
grade school, you know.”
“What number is that?” asked Karen, whose eyes were already
mere slits.
“Number two–,” said Howard, “Where’s Chynna. Where’s
“All right,” I said. “And the number one thing overheard at
the Wilson Philips blah blah blah–” Howard drummed a little on the
carpet. “Got any blow?”
“Careful,” I said, as the bong teetered precariously from the
encouragement of my brother’s foot.
Howard was the first to say it. “I am stoned.”
“How much of this did you get?” asked Karen.
“Just an ounce. Should last for a while at this rate.”
This was clearly true.
“Mariah Carey,” said Karen, who then stuck her finger down her
throat. The ‘Emotion’ video was on. “Turn the sound up, How,” I
“You don’t *like* her, do you?” asked Karen.
“Gimme a break. I just wonder if she hits those notes on her
back, too.”
“Wait,” said Karen, her eyes opening suddenly. She turned the
sound down on Mariah. “I’ve got an idea. I’ve got to say it now,
because I only think of it when I’m stoned, you know?”
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Archive-title: Regulation of Mile High Club Operations

Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 61
(Docket No. 75487345, Notice No. 88-523040306)


ACTION: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

SUMMARY: This notice proposes to require additional qualifica-
tions and testing before a certificated pilot may engage or
continue to engage in Mile High Club Operations (MHCO) while also
exercising the privileges of a pilot certificate.

DATES: Comments should be received before December 31, 1999.

ADDRESSES: Comments may be mailed or delivered in sextuplicate
to: Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Chief Counsel,
Attention: Rules Docket (AGC-204), Docket No. 75487345, 800
Independence Avenue SW, Washington DC 20591. Comments may be
examined in the Rules Docket weekdays, except Federal holidays,
between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


Need for Rulemaking

Under the provisions of the East Chitlin Switch, Kansas, Wheat
Silo Subsidy Act (P.L. 100-872398-A), Congress has mandated the
FAA to regulate the activities of the formerly unregulated Mile
High Club (MHC). Under present rules, anything accomplished at
an altitude of one statute mile (5,280 feet) above ground level
(AGL), regardless of the degree of difficulty or the level of
expertise demanded, earns a certificated pilot a scroll illus-
trated by Milton Caniff and a three-color bumper sticker.
Through a procedure of self-regulation, the organization has set
forth requirements that activities take place at an altitude of
at least 5,280 feet above ground level to prevent Denver pilots
from messing around on the ramp. Although the organization has
adopted rigid admission requirements for its pilot members, a
recent National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report dis-
closed an accident in a light training aircraft (LTA) caused by
pilot error in the form of disorientation of a student pilot (sex
unknown) after the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) (sex un-
known) attempted to introduce the student to a maneuver not
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Friday, October 16th, 2009

Archive-title: Kegal Exercises

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but there’s now a simple,
foolproof way for men to boost their partners’ and their own
pleasure during lovemaking. And it doesn’t rely on aphrodisiacs or
drugs. Instead, it involves doing a set of easy to learn
pelvic-muscle exercises called Kegels (after Arnold Kegel, M.D.,
the gynecologist who developed them over 40 years ago). Women have
been practicing these moves for years to intensify their orgasms
and increase their partners’ stimulation. Now, sex therapists and
researchers have discovered that both partners can benefit sexually
when men do Kegels, too.

Kegel exercises both strengthen and tone the pubococcygeal (PC)
muscle-which runs from front to back in men’s and women’s
pelvises–as well as the surrounding pelvic muscles. The PC muscle
is what helps bring a man or woman to climax, and, along with other
pelvic muscles, it also controls urination.

In his recent book, “The New Male Sexuality (Bantam Books,
1992), psychologist Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., claims that many of
his male patients who practiced pelvic-muscle contractions over
time reported increased sexual sensation and more intense orgasms.
That’s not all. Over the past 20 years, William Hartman, Ph.D., and
Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D., co-directors of the Center for Marital and
Sexual Studies in Long Beach, California, have prescribed Kegel
exercises to more than 1,300 male patients who were troubled by
erection problems. Most of the men who did the exercises as
prescribed reported firmer erections than before.

What’s more, nearly 200 of Dr. Hartman and Dr. Fithian’s male
patients who practiced Kegels learned to delay ejaculation,
enabling them to prolong sex to their own and their partner’s
satisfaction. And most surprising, 10 percent of these men were
eventually able to have multiple orgasms–that is, two or more
climaxes during a single act of intercourse before ejaculating.
(Orgasm and ejaculation don’t always occur simultaneously in men.)

With so many sexual benefits, Kegels are the perfect
“sexercises” for men as well as women to master. Besides helping to
create the physical conditions that enhance lovemaking, the
exercises can spice up sex in another way as well. “Partners can
take turns tightening their pelvic muscles during intercourse,”
explains Dr. Hartman. “Each will feel the other’s muscle contrac-
tions, which adds to the excitement.”

For a man who wants to learn how to perform Kegels, the first
step is locating the PC muscle. Here’s how: Some time when he has
the urge to urinate, he should sit on the toilet with his legs
spread, start to urinate, then try to stop the flow. (The PC muscle
is the one he squeezes to do this.) After restarting the flow, he
can practice stopping and restarting the stream of urine. It may
take several attempts to actually isolate the PC muscle–the
buttocks muscles have a tendency to kick in if the legs aren’t kept
When a man has familiarized himself with the sensation of
contracting the PC muscle, he’s ready to practice holding the
contractions. He should first try holding a contraction for several
seconds three or four times a day. Over the next few weeks, as he
continues doing Kegels, he can gradually increase the time of the
contraction until he is holding it for 10 to 15 seconds. Next, he
should alternate these Kegel holds with a series of short, quick
contractions. Dr. Hartman recommends that men gradually work up to
a daily routine of 100 quick PC contractions and five holds. (Women
who want to learn how to do Kegels should follow these same steps,
but they only need to do the long holds for five seconds; men,
however, need the 10- to 15-second hold for delaying ejaculation.)

After a few months of diligent practice, a man should be ready
to try using the Kegel hold during intercourse to delay ejacula-
tion. But first he must familiarize himself with the sensation
known as ejaculatory inevitability–the point at which he can no
longer hold back an ejaculation. He will feel an uncontrollable
urge to ejaculate as his prostate gland and seminal vesicles
contract. Once a man has developed an awareness of this sensation,
he can then learn to produce a PC contraction before he reaches
that point of no return. (Another option is for a man to try
practicing this technique on his own while masturbating.)

Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they’re seldom aroused
by the exercises; women may want to practice Kegels in private
since for them, the increased blood flow to the pelvic region is
more likely to spark arousal. Continued over a lifetime, the
exercises can help men (and women) head off urinary incontinence
later in life. That plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and
longer-lasting sex make these some of the simplest, most beneficial
exercises a man or woman can do.

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Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Archive-author: Tazzie
Archive-title: Hypnosis

! What Hypnotism Is !

Hypnotism, contrary to common beleif, is merely state when your mind and body
are in a state of relaxation and your mind is open to positive, or cleverly
worded negative, influences. It is NOT a trance where you:

o Are totally influencable.
o Cannot lie.
o A sleep which you cannot wake up from
without help.

This may bring down your hopes somewhat, but, hypnotism is a powerful for
self help, and/or mischeif.

! Your Subconcious Mind !

Before going in further, I’d like to state that hypnotism not only is great
in the way that it relaxes you and gets you (in the long run) what you want,
but also that it taps a force of incredible power, beleive it or not, this
power is your subconcious mind. The subconcious mind always knows what is
going on with every part of your body, every moment of the day. It protects
you from negative influences, and retains the power to slow your heartbeat
down and stuff like that. The subconcious mind holds just about all the info
you would like to know about yourself, or, in this case, the person you will be
hypnotising. There are many ways to talk to your subconcious and have it talk
back to you. One way is the ouja board, no its not a spirit, merely the minds
of those who are using it. Another, which I will discuss here, is the pendulum
method. Ok, here is how it goes. First, get a ring or a washer and tie it to
a thread a little longer than half of your forearm. Now, take a sheet of paper
and draw a big circle in it. In the big circle you must now draw a crosshair
(a big +). Now, put the sheet of paper on a table. Next, hold the thread
with the ring or washer on it and place it (holding the thread so that the
ring is 1 inch above the paper swinging) in the middle of the crosshair. Now,
swing the thread so the washer goes up and down, say to yourself the word “yes”
Now, do it side to side and say the word “no”. Do it counter clockwise and say
“I don’t know”. And lastly, do it clockwise and say “I dont want to say.”
Now, with the thread back in the middle of the crosshair, ask yourself
questions and wait for the pendulum to swing in the direction for the answer.
(Yes, no, I dont know or I dont wanna say…). Soon, to your amazement, it
will be answering questions like anything… Let the pendulum answer, dont try
.. When you try you will never get an answer. Let the answer come to you.
…End of the part1. To be continued..