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Friday, July 31st, 2009

Archive-author: Dick Ramcock
Archive-title: How to Get a Female to Let You Fuck Her!

In today’s society, it is relativly easy to get laid, but it does
always help when you have a GAME-PLAN! This is what I am about to offer
you, A planned way to get your prick into a female’s virgina (cunt).

Getting a woman to willingly drop her pants for you is not what would
be classified as an easy task, but the ultimate result of a warm and wet
pussy snuggly wrapped around your throbbing cock is certainly well worth
your most earnest effort!

First, Don’t bother trying to go after the most popular or the best
looking female in your life! That Bitch already has every stud in the world
trying to BANG her… Search out a plain looking female who looks like she
would be flattered by attention… This does NOT mean to pick a female who
is not worthy of your attemtion.

The selection of the TARGETED female is your initial step in the


Your selected Bitch should possess the following traits: She should
have an out going personality, a friendly smile and fairly large tits! She
should be very limited in The Dating Game, and she should not have a
current boyfriend. After all, this isn’t a lesson on how to pick up a Bimbo
or a common whore! This is a lesson on how to PREY on a young and innocent
female! You now want to show an interest in this female. Start out by
smiling at her when-ever you see her… After a few days, if you don’t
already know what her name is, BUMP into her by accident, and act
embarrassed, but keep smiling at her when you do this… Then take this
oppertunity to introduce yourself to her by exchanging names, and be sure
to compliment her that ‘She is one of the most attractive females that you
have seen in months!’

an interest in! (CHEAT! Find out one of her interests and study up on it!)
After all, this is the female that you have decided that you want to FUCK!
Now start SWEET TALKING your target! Mention to her that you heard that she
is also interested in WHATEVER! She will jump at this chance, unless you
are a FUCKING DORK, and then you should have gone after the DOG that looked
she should be BARKING AT THE MOON!


…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Treatise on the Physical Self

Erosian Theory And Practice may at some points be
abbreviated as ETAP.

As an Erosian is well aware, our theory and practice stems
from the physical act of sex. Sex has been defined on many
levels, detailing its influence in love, family, lust,ect.
However it is in the best interest of the studied Erosian
to separate the levels of his/her sexuality and come to an
understanding on each level. By following the above listed
order of sexual definition, we will look at how Erosian
Theory can apply to all levels of sexuality.

LOVE – Erosian Theory finds its biggest opposition, as
well as it’s biggest supporter in the love relationship.
Unless both parties are involved in the Erosian study,
growth, desire, and demand will differ. However when two
compatible people, who both work and understand Erosian
they join together to grow, experience and build on the
Erosian concepts together, exploring to the desired growth
potential. Erosian concepts do allow for non-Erosian
relationships, at which time the Erosian should be aware
that he/she will need to limit the physical experience
growth, and expand mentally, or look to physical self
growth via self gratification.

FAMILY – Although Erosian Theory takes a backseat to the
proper way to raise children, many of it’s ideals can
apply. Personal respect for ones’s thoughts and actions,
dignity in sexual relationships, respect for the thoughts
and actions or others, as well as the non-judgemental
aspect of Erosian Theory makes for strong teaching tools
when working to define a child’s attitudes toward sex.
Once again, it cannot be stated emphatically enough that
Erosian Theory and Practice in no way espouses any sexual
activity amongst children.

LUST – This is the cornerstone of the Erosian Theory.
Although we have grown to respond to lust as a negative
term, usually defined as base sexual instinct, this is
merely another program set by narrow minded individuals
who cannot understand the natural goodness inherant in
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Friday, July 24th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Doctrine #1

( A dictate for all Erosians to learn from. The need for
communications, knowledge and non-agressive sexuality )

Amongst Erosian Theorist, communications must remain open.
Understanding is the essence of knowledge, and lack of
communication breeds darkness and speculation. Contempt
for the lifestyle of another or the specific likes and
dislikes of anothers sexual tastes is bred from two

The first is ignorance and closemindedness. This stems
from the inability of the normal person to view openly
individual tastes as their own. From the beginning of
time, man has grouped together in ignorance to destroy
what he did not understand. With our abilities and
foresight today, we as a race should long have accepted
what we do not understand, and seek to nurture it and to
learn from it. However, we still hunt down and kill those
lifestyles which do not meet with the approval of certain
religions, ethical values, and other social restraints.
However, if we as a race have not learned to nurture the
unknown, we at least should have learned how to leave it
alone and allow those better equipped to deal with it
handle, work with and enjoy its benefits. However, society
at large has done neither, and as a rule ‘witch hunts’
still exist, seeking to route out and destroy what is not
understood. Erosian Theory is seeking not to change the
minds or ways of society as a whole. We instead are
focusing on ourselves. Taking the belief that change is
best from within, we are seeking to come to terms within
ourselves and within our group, focusing upon our
individual sexuality, and working to building a guilt
free, sexually understood inner community. I believe that
if a group of people come together and support the concept
of Erosian Theory, small, internal groups within the
community will be formed, where members can receive
feedback on their individual guilt concepts concerning
sex, and live under a liberal guideline concerning sex. If
we strip away the layers of false information concerning
sexual practice and it’s purported deviant side, and
merely assume the rules found in the Code of Conduct, we
can pursue doggedly our individual sexual interests, and
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Monday, July 20th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Theory Developed

My theory came into being from a multitude of experiences
and also from inner feelings which differed tremendously
from standard practice ideas concerning sex. I’ll take
this time to break down a few of these myths concerning
sex in general, and in relation to how Erosian Theory
deals with the same situation.

I. Sex is for people in love, primarily married people.
Men get away with sex because it is condoned for them but
women shouldn’t or they’ll be cheap.

Sex is for every one old enough to deal with and handle
the responsibility of sex. Sex is for married and
unmarried people. Sex is for women as well as men. Sex is
for everyone. It is GOOD, RIGHT, NORMAL, HEALTHY, for
everyone, at anytime or place when consenting adults are
involved. I think the keyword here is consenting adults.
As long as both (or more ) parties are in agreement as to
the nature of their act, there is nothing morally, legally
or ethically wrong with any sexual act.

II. Sex should be between one man and one woman only.

Once again, the keyword here is consenting adults.
Personal tastes, and the backward thinking of certain
cultures have forced us into the molds that we live in
today. Between two consenting women, or two consenting
men, any relationship desired is correct. It is their own
PERSONAL TASTES which defines their sexuality, and not
that of a televangelist or county commissioner. As long as
both parties enjoy and consent to an act, and it doesn’t
infringe upon another’s rights, who is to criticize. Also
who is to say that the act of sex should be limited to two
people. Many times there are parties of three, four, five
or more consenting adults who desire to share each others
sexuality. Where is the harm in this, if the above
guidelines are applied?

III. The act of sex should consist of vaginal/penile
intercourse, with foreplay consisting of hand to genital
or in some circles mouth to genital contact. Anything
other than this is really unusual or sick.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Code of Practice

Sexual Practices & Guidelines

Based on the research to date, I have compiled a list of
sexual practices which in no way is complete. However, I
have come across a few practices which will not be
accepted withing the Code of Practice for Erosians, and I
will detail the reasons for their failure to be included.

Pedophilia – recognized as committing sexual practices
with a minor, or allowing such practices to be committed,
pedophilia is outlawed by Erosian Code of Conduct #1,2,4
and is recognized as one of the most foul and damaging of
all sex crimes.

Necrophilia – Disallowed because the dead cannot consent.

Scat – Definition (Sexual fulfillment by killing at the
point of orgasm). One of the most heinious of all crimes,
this act is in violation of all Erosians stand for.

Beastiality – Animals cannot consent to sexual practices.

Rape – The most damaging form of forced sexuality.
Reprehensible and unforgivable. Erosians must believe in
the freedom of sexuality and that which is taken and not
given is useless.

There may be additions to this list as time progresses,
and I am doing my utmost to take into consideration all
practices and their ramifications.

Below, are some thoughts and theories behind some of the
activities listed in the Code of Practice.

A,B – Anal sex has come into the limelight in the last 5
or so years, with the advent of the gay revolution. One
point must be made early on about anal sex, and that
regards hygene and disease prevention. Genital to anal sex
can and should be enjoyed if desired, but either the giver
should utilize a condom, or if that is unacceptable, care
should be take to cleanse before and afterward. Care
should also be taken to lubricate the anus prior to entry,
as anal tears are painful and prone to infection. Anal sex
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Monday, July 13th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Code Of Conduct

The following rules apply to all Erosian Theorist
registered and otherwise. They are general guidelines to
follow. If rules are broken then obviously the person has
no desire to continue on his/her study, and has elected to
divorce him/herself from the group. No rules exist for
expulsion of members, however prosecution and conviction
of a member by the city, state or federal government of
the United States for sex crimes will cause the Erosian
Coordinator to delete all input from this individual.


1. No Erosian shall engage in any sexual activity that is
not consented to by all parties involved.

2. No Erosian shall engage in sex with any person who is
unable to realistically make decisions concerning his
or her sexual desires, preferences, likes and dislikes.
This includes minors, the elderly, the mentally or
emotionally impaired or handicapped.

3. Safe sex and thoughtful attention to details of birth
control, disease prevention and especially AIDS
prevention should be practiced by all Erosians.

4. No permanent physical, mental or emotional damage is to
be allowed during sexual practices.

5. Any Erosian not desiring to participate in sexual
activity outside the scope of his own world, should
designate such by placing a N in the questionaire form
when asked about participation.

6. No Erosian should harrass another Erosian who has
placed a N following his PEIC number. This is
signifying that he/she is NOT interested in sexual
activity at that time.

By following the above guidelines I believe that we have
the ability to begin a listing procedure that will allow
others to meet and discuss and possibly experiment with
certain ideas and concepts.

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Friday, July 10th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Structure & Hierarchy

Erosian Hierarchy and Erosian Structure are closely
related. Both define and examine the proposed outline of
the growth of Temple and the lesser Temples. In this text,
we will examine Hierarchy and Structure, and in an
afterword, we will look toward possible growth of the
Temple in this year. (1989)

Erosian Structure

In the beginning there was the concept for The Temple of
Eros, a structures system of beliefs created for those who
followed the concepts of guiltless sexual activity and
physical self study. From this structure, grew a need to
develop further physical structures to define internal
sets within the Erosian following. From this reasoning
came the Temple of Eros and the Lesser Temples.

The Temple is the all encompassing body of Erosians who
study, follow and practice Erosian Theory. It is headed by
the High Priest or Priestess, and takes ultimate
responsibility for ritual, ceremony, and content of
Erosian Theory. Erosian Theory supports and studies all
forms of sexuality, with the exception of those mentioned
in the Erosian Code of Conduct. The Temple of Eros seeks
to break down the barrier of sexual guilt, frustration and
segregation, and works diligently to remove the labels
placed by society on those who do not conform to the
“normals” of sexuality.

Within the Temple of Eros, there are two recognized Lesser
Temples. These are the Temple of Sappho, and the Temple
of Satyr. The Temple of Sappho is a divison exclusively
for women, and is inclusive of all styles, forms and
orientations of women’s sexuality. The Temple of Satyr is
a division exclusively for men, and is inclusive of all
styles, forms and orientations of male sexuality. These
two lesser Temples support groups within themselves, known
in the structured format as sub-temples. These Temples are
created in order to more clearly define the subjects of
study available within these bodies of learning. In each
of the lesser temples, one initial sub-temple was formed
at creation. In the Temple of Satyr is housed the Temple
of Homos, devoted to the homosexual male study. In the
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

This archive has been changed to reflect the deletion of the file two.txt.
This is the ritual of Eros. To gain access to this text, call the Dojo BBS,
at (813)286-4297 and download the files Eros.Zip.

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

Erosian Theory and Practice
David P. Thomas


It is my purpose to create a text on the values and
practices of Erosian Practice, a study and method of life.
The term Erosian is coined from the Greek god Eros, who
was the male deity worship for sexual prowess. It is also
where modern society has coined such words as erotica and
erotic. I am the sole creator of Erosian Theory, and I
encourage others to study and add to my works. If you have
any comments, additions or questions I can be reached via
E-Mail on the Tampa based bulletin board, The Dojo,
286-4297. Leave E-Mail to David Thomas.

Many people will say when they initially study this text
that it is foul, profane, obscene, dirty, pornographic and
much worse. If you feel this way then this study is not
for you. Please feel no offense, and merely discard your

Definitions and Guidelines

Erosian Theory was created by myself in order to
categorize, define, and dignify sexual practice. Erosian
Theory can coincide well with standard love/relationship
practice. Erosian Theory is not a swing/swap club, nor is
it designed to be a matchmaking service. All of these
organizations are supported by Erosian Theory, however,
Erosian Theory is a way of thinking, a philosophy, not a

Erosian Theory came into being at the time I recognized a
feeling of comfort involved in my own sexuality. Most
adults will feel to a certain degree comfortable with
standard practice sexuality, including but not limited to
hetro/hetro and homo/homo sexuality. However, it is well
documented that for most individuals to recognize comfort,
they must form meaningful relationships which extend into
the realm of love, commitment, family, ect. Those who
avoid such commitment often lack the required or desired
sexual contact. With Erosian Practice however, we justify
and validate the need and right for sex gratis sexis or to
coin an art term, sex for sex’s sake!
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Monday, July 6th, 2009

Archive-author: David P. Thomas
Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice – Contents

The Temple of Eros

Erosian Handbook and Lifestyle Guide

April 1989

Table of Contents

1. Erosian Theory and Practice

A. Introduction
B. Definitions and Guidelines

2. Erosian Ritual

A. Disclaimer & Notes
B. Foreward…Erosian Rituals
C. The Induction Ritual
a. The Ritual
b. Appendix A – Inductee Preparation
c. Appendix B – Attendant Preparation
d. Appendix C – Temple Preparation
e. Appendix D – Ceremony of The Fluids

D. The Initiation Ritual

E. The Succession Guidelines

3. Erosian Structure and Hierarchy

A. Erosian Structure
B. Erosian Hierarchy

4. Erosian Codes and Guidelines

A. Erosian Code of Conduct
B. Erosian Code of Practice
C. Sexual Practices and Guidelines

5. Erosian Theory Development & Notes
A. Questions and Answers about ETAP
B. Call to Fellow Erosians
C. Erosian Doctrine #1 (Communications)
D. Treatise of The Physical Self
E. Notes & Misc. Information

Divers do it deep

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I went for a warm-water diving holiday – blue skies – clear water – my
club-mates all had other plans, or they had used up their holiday leave – and
so they got left behind

You never know who you’ll end up diving with – it’s a mixture, good and bad -
but it’s warm – We need our cold-water wetsuit tops on, over our swim gear, but
it’s warm enough to leave off the neoprene pants that are a must back home -
When I get there we have an odd number in the party – we start by diving with a
three – then the next new arrival is buddied with me – she isn’t bad-looking -
on the thin side – but she starts off like a real pain – chip-on-shoulder
feminist -

We start a boat dive – get our kit together – I go to check her over before we
dive – she says ‘don’t treat me like a beginner – I don’t need this macho diver
stuff – I’m an underwater archaeologist’ – well I come from a club where we
look after each other – we take safety seriously – I hope I’ll get the same
from you – she shrugs

we start the dive from the boat after a longish trip out round the coast – a
shallow-water boat dive should be safe and easy – no more than ten metres -
lots of light, warmth and colours – oh we can’t make up our minds to agree
which way to go – signal troubles and squabble – she swims well but wants to
lead off anywhere and everywhere – I follow – hardly any time to look at the
wildlife -

rocks and weed and crud – something wrong – we’re both tangled up in something
– I signal her to wait while I try and get rid of whatever it is – I get out my
knife and start cutting – she’s really nervous – fidgets and flaps – getting
more tangled up – is it net or is it line – can’t see as it’s practically
invisible in the water – just a bit of weed caught in it – I give her stronger
signals to stop fart-arsing about – point my index-finger – show flat of hand -
ring with thumb and first finger – meaning – you – stop right there – ok? -
at last she gives back – ok – she stops moving around and I set to work – only
a few strands round my fins – wow – she’s got in a mess – lots of tangled stuff
– knife isn’t the best for nets, but it’s all I’ve got – a very little air into
her jacket – so she’ll rise up out of the net as she gets free – bit of air
into mine too – I work to free her head first and then on down – what’s this,
more net stuff round her regulator valve – cut it free – stay far enough off
not to get tangled again myself we swap more signals while I work – check
there’s no more panic – she gives ‘ok’ back – right, now her body’s free and
out of the net, only her legs to do, there are strands around her knife-sheath
and fins – eventually we get her entirely free – at last – better check though
I’m pretty sure we’re all ok -

oh fuck, she may be a pain, but she’s got good legs – I get a slight stir about
the cock and wonder what the rest of her is like – well, now the main work is
done, but I run my hands all down her thighs, to make sure there’s nothing
…End of the part1. To be continued..