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Bus Driver

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I was a school bus driver in my High School days or should I say DAZE. Some
of the young ladies that rode the bus sent my mind in a whirl and. They kept
my HEAD up and alert.
One I remember who was exceptional was Angie this sweet thing was always on
the front seat. She was picked up at the Jr. High school. We chatted often
about our futures and interests. She wanted to be a model and dancer.
Because she liked wearing short skirts I was able to tell her from what I
saw she had great legs for her prospective career. She smiled and blushed.
The next day she had on a new Micro mini and asked what I thought of it.
“It is honestly attractive and I adore the way it shows off your lovely legs.
I bet it has gotten a lot of attention from your fellow class mates.”
“Thank you! I really needed that. The girls have been a little cold today
and the guys were not so chatty ether.” Says Angie.
“That is because the girls are jealous and the guys are left in awe.”
“You always say the sweetest things.”and gave me a peck on the cheek. That
was the first time I noticed her breasts as they rubbed against me. I glanced
down her blouse as she bent over for the kiss. The softness and whiteness
there looked like heaven.
Till we reached her house I kept glancing in the mirror to look over those
long lovely legs. It is a wonder we made the trip safely. Occasionally her legs
would part or she would slip down in her seat. At those times I would get a
glimpse of her plain white panties.
When Angie boarded the buss the next day she had on a shorter macro mini
“I hope the class mates were more friendly today”
“No they weren’t. But how do you like my skirt.”
“Come on Angie, you know I like your legs. You must be teasing me. The
more I see of them the more I like it.”
As we drove home I could hardly tear my eyes away from the mirror. This
time Angie caught my gaze in the mirror.
She bent over to whisper in my ear. “How long have you been watching in the
In reply I made an announcement. “Since leaving school I have been watching
the misconduct of all of you. Now I am going to appoint a bus monitor, ANGIE.”
“Hope your mother will not mind you riding the route with me.”
“I am sure she will not. She says I spend too much time before the TV
Angie boarded the bus the next day with her mothers permission to ride the
full route. This doubled my pleasure for her skirt was another micro mini.
Half way through the route I could see Angie was getting restless. She lost
her posture and eventually rubbing a post between her legs. I was watching
and had noticed a darkening of her panties as it moistened. When she remembered
the way I had been watching the day before a blush came to her cheek. We
miraculously made it back to her home safely.
“You did a good job today! Thank you. I had time to tend to more important
business other than the brats.”
“Ohh Yea!! What business was that looking up my skirt? Hee Hee”
…End of the part1. To be continued..

The Commute

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Port Authority Bus Terminal was nearly empty at this hour of the
evening. Ben waited on line for his bus home to Jersey, exhausted after
another day of bullshit at his public relations firm. It was bad enough
to pull these late nights on occasion, but to top it off this was the
start of the July 4th weekend. Just about everyone else had deserted
the city for cooler climates, making the station seem more desolate than

There were two other business types waiting on the “33″ line. Ben
looked at the clock: 11:45, five more minutes. He glanced across the
corridor, to an old bum lying in front of a bank of payphones, to the
contents of a trashcan overturned by someone looking for cans to
recycle. He was jostled from his reverie by a soft voice.

“Excuse me, is this the line for Montclair?” Ben turned to behold
a very pretty blonde. He momentarily forgot the question as he stared
at her. “The 33, does it stop here?”

The woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She was clad in a
short, loose black skirt with a sleeveless gold top that accented her
hair, which looked freshly washed. Maybe she just came from the gym,
Ben thought. Her attire and hair complemented a deep golden tan. Ben
remembered that it had been some time since he’d been laid and he felt
some familiar twitchings in his pants.

“Oh, sorry,” he finally responded. “Yeah, this is the line.” The
blonde thanked him and pulled out a paperback.

The bus pulled up to the door and the riders boarded. They were
greeted by an announcement that there was an accident in the Lincoln
Tunnel that could delay the trip. If there was one thing Ben hated, it
was getting stuck in the tunnel.

The two passengers ahead of him sat up front. Ben opted for
something in the middle of the bus. The blonde sat in the row in front
of him, across the aisle.

When the bus pulled away from the gate, the driver turned off the
main lights. Ben switched on his overhead lamp and returned to his
crossword puzzle. The blonde switched her light but it didn’t work.
Neither did the one for the seat next to her. “Shit,” she muttered, as
she gathered he bag and moved to the seat directly across from Ben. At
least he would have something to look at.

The blonde crossed her sexy legs, and tugged at her skirt. Ben
kept glancing at her, hoping she wouldn’t catch him. But she was intent
on her book.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Archive-name Miscellbunchtxt

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Archive-title: A Bunch of different stories

place: the beach, then a house on the beach
time: evening turning into night, the moon is out
tense: first person
people: the person speaking and a girl name sue
situation: sue is a virgin, and she and speaker are in love

It is a cool spring evening..and i am walking down a beach near my home, i
am holding sue’s hand, and her head is resting on my shoulder. I am sure we mu
st look like siemese twins to the people who pass us by. But neither of us rea
lly care…Inside i feel a warmt, that is centered at my solar plexus and radia
tes through out my body. I really love sue, I have loved her from the first mo
nent i set eyes on her. I remember that first time, i spent hours just staring
into her eyes. As we walk on the beach i slowly massage sue’s hand with the f
ingers of my hand. I suddenly stop, and slowly lift her chin up with my hand,
we look into each others eyes, a message that only our hearts shall ever know,
passes between us. Our kiss is slow and gentle, and very deep..her mouths tast
es very sweet. we consume each other in our hunger. i remove my lips from her
and bend my head a little lower, and my lips leave a wet silken trail across h
er chin and down her throat. a deep moan escapes sues lips. in the mean time,
our arms have not been idle, and we are entwined within each others arms. our
s arms are slowly caressing each others body. We stop for a moment so that i c
an spred the blanket i carry over my shoulder on the sand, so that we can have
something to lie on. I lift sue off her feet and slowly lower her onto the bla
nket. i then rest on my elbows above her, i take her upper lip in mine, and sl
owly caress it with my tongue and lips, then i decide to head higher, i lick a
trail across her nose, at which point she giggles, and i smile, then higher sti
ll to her forehead, which i gentlely kiss, then my tongues moves all across her
face, her eyes, her cheeks, her ears, her moans of pleasure grow louder and lo
uder. Then i am back at her lips again. After a while she moves down my neck
and her teeth are suddenly at my throat, which i bare to her, showing her my tr
ust. she gentlely nips my throat, and caresses it with her tongue and lips, th
e sensation is exquisite and it is now my turn to moan. i slowly untie her bat
hing suit top, with one hand while i balance over her with the other, her brea
st are not large, but they are full and they do not sag. i take her nipples in
my mouth and slowly rotate them back and forth with my lips and my teeth. sue
’s moans grow louder and louder. i take her nipple out of my mouth and slowly
caress it with my tongue. I then switch to the next nipple and begin all over
again. after a while i use my mouth to suck a trail down sue’s stomach, my ton
gue takes a short stop in her belly buttom, and again i make her giggle, I the
n move on. I reach the top of her bathing suit bottom. I take it between my t
eeth, and pull it half way down her legs. My mouth then goes back up her legs
to her pubic mound, i rub my nose and my face in the hair there, taking in the
rich musky scent. i then move my lips to the top of her opening, i gentlely li
ck the little nib of flesh that is there, sue’s moans are ever increasing. I t
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Archive-name Miscellbubbletxt

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Archive-title: Bubble’s Guide to Bay Area Massage Parlors

Bubbles will add to this as she continues “researching”. Much of her info
is from customers and other girls (2nd hand). For legal reasons,
please consider the following as fiction, for entertainment purposes
only, and any resemblances to persons either living or dead is
a figment of your perverted, deranged, and crudely warped imagination.

Last updated 1/07/89

Well, those anal retentives in Santa Cruz have done it again. I
went down there looking for work, and not a single massage parlor
is still open! To add insult to injury, “Elan,” my favorite place,
is now a Gospel Bookstore. Sheeeeee-it! Oasis has its sign painted
over, there’s a padlock on the Stairkase and every phone booth I
went to had the “massage” page razored out of the yellow pages.
Sounds like someone wanted to get re-elected Sheriff real bad.


BANGKOK MASSAGE, Larkin and Eddy, San Francisco is a pretty
good place to get laid. The massage is only $30, and the
girls will go all the way for another $50. They’ll even put the
whole thing on your bank card. Despite the name, most of the
girls are Vietnamese or Chinese. Rooms have private baths, and
if you’re lucky the girl will bathe you before and after the
massage. Ask for a “hard” massage, and you will get a nice
legitimate rub, which turns erotic and light-touch after about
15 minutes.
SINGAPORE SPRINGS, O’Farrell street, San Francisco. This is one
block uphill and one block East of Bangkok. Here the girls are
all Vietnamese, massage is $30, rooms all have private baths,
and “tips” are very affordable. A nude hand job can be as low
as $30. There are some very pretty young girls here, but also a couple
of old tarts. Again, a hard massage soon turns into a hard-on massage.
These folks prefer their tips in cash, though.
Sunnyvale’s best kept secret is Hiyashi Massage. The address is
1240 Wolfe Road, but it is cleverly hidden in a small shopping
center just off El Camino. Also, there is NOTHING on the outside
to even hint it might be a massage parlor. The front looks like a
high-class nail salon, and the sign says “Body beautiful tan tone.”
When you walk in the door, there’s a long, narrow waiting area, like a
beauty parlor. But the only services available on the menu are half-hour
…End of the part1. To be continued..