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Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Archive-title: Zangara’s (Kibo) Elegy

Here is the long awaited story involving Kibo. As previously
discussed, I would have Kibo’s permission to use his name if he existed.
Also, if he existed he would have asked me to cross-post this to the
groups which I cross-posted to.

There is a quiz (Multiple choice) at the end. Please post results
to as many groups as you want.

Zangara’s Elegy

“‘He was a bloody tyrant and we brought him down. And I will not
have history think I did it for a bag of gold or in some kind of rabid
I looked curiously at this disheveled individual who was ranting
what I perceived to be nonsense. I turned to my guide, and hopefully
future employer. “What is he talking about?”
“Oh, he’s no one. He thinks he’s John Wilkes Booth, that’s all,”
came the reply. I looked closer at my guide. I hadn’t really studied
him up to this point. Suddenly however I knew that he posed me no
threat, and so I wished to know more about him.
“‘Tell them how the Union can never recover from that vulgar, high
and mighty niggerlover, Never–!`”
I began going over what I knew about my guide. His name was Dr.
Charles Guiteau, and he was the director of the mental ward of the
University of Massachusetts Medical Center. I knew nothing about his
credentials, but that was not where my curiosity lay. I was interested
in his character, and since it was profession to know other peoples
thoughts, I was able to delve into his inner self even as he showed me
the building.
“Kibo, would you like to join us?” Dr. Guiteau asked the mental
patient. “This is Dr. Sam Byck, and I’m showing him around the
“My name is not Kibo, it is Johnny Booth. Sure, I’ll come along.
‘Someone slew the tyrant, just as Brutus slew the tyrant`”
“We don’t know his real name, so for a while we were calling him
Johnny. Then the doctor who was handling his case decided it was better
to call him something else. I’m not sure where the name Kibo came from
though,” Dr. Guiteau rambled on. “By the way, if you come on Kibo will
be one of your patients. Dr. Czolgosz, the man who left for Buffalo,
was his doctor.”
I had been half listening to this exchange until Dr. Guiteau’s
last sentence. Suddenly my interest in this specimen was piqued. There
had to be some way of using him to my purposes. “I would be interested
in seeing his file,” I replied, confident that my speech had not skipped
a beat.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Archive-author: Mark O. Zorro
Archive-title: Some Vignettes

Some Vignettes – Dedicated to My Lovers
(From Fantasy and From Real Life)

Vignette: “At Work”

Yes, I can see you now at the keyboard, the lights are low. The clicking of
the keys plays a sensuous melody of intimate romance and desire. I feel you
breathing harder, your heart beating in anticipation of your lovers’ caresses.
Your warmth begins to fill the room – everything seems to be on fire now.
Your skin, your breasts are strangely sensitive and ache for a soft touch, a
caress. Your mind swims in anticipation of your lover – your friend… you
imagine him coming up behind you, gently kissing you behind your ear, on your
neck. He turns you around on the chair, and slowly unbuttons your shirt.
First the top button, then the next, and the next…until your flushed
cleavage is fully exposed to him. As in the Song of Solomon, you pull his
head down between the two fawns that are your breasts, and beg him to kiss
you there. Your passion is beyond control – it is the point of no return,
and you welcome the feeling of totally yielding to this man, the man in your

Vignette: “Beautiful Woman”

“What a beautiful woman she is”, I thought to myself, as I lightly stroked
her hair. Her eyes, normally a beautiful blue, are now very black and very
open, revealing to me her innermost soul. Through these eyes, I could see
her begging me to take her now to the ultimate place of pleasure and desire.
Her lips, now flushed with hungry expectation, invite me to ravish them with
mine. Her breasts, rising up and down with every breath she takes, are capped
with taut nipples that cannot be contained until they, too, are completely
satisfied. Between her smooth, long legs, her womanhood sparkles in the
candlelight, its glory revealed by the sweet aroma of passion, and aching to
be kissed by my lips and filled completely to overflowing.

As I slowly and dreamily caress my gentle fingers down her soft back to the
secret place between her legs, I hear her sweetly moan – in a language that
only two lovers can understand – words of fulfillment yet with a calling out
for much more.

Sweetly and gently I lay her down on the soft featherbed, to give to her the
desire of her heart…

…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Archive-author: Russ Perry Jr.
Archive-title: Tracy Lords “appearance” list

Here is the Traci Lords list. If you want it, save it; if you
don’t, hit n now. This is also a request for info. If you know
about something not on the list, let me know about it.

Please pardon me for posting this — my alias file got trashed when
they installed a new mail here; besides, I had a lot of bad
addresses anyway.


List by Russ Perry Jr with outside help. Feel free to copy — and
don’t even worry about attributing it to me because I don’t care!

If you have any corrections or additions, please e-mail them to:
If you can’t e-mail (or if you want to donate things ;-)
Russ Perry Jr, 5970 Scott St, Omro WI 54963

Please, if you have anything to add to the list, mail me! Question
marks are uncertainties — help me eliminate them!

Wanted: magazine appearances: not ads, but pictorials or interviews;
star vs cameo: I haven’t seen many, maybe you have;
bio info: at least until the book comes out;
reviews and articles: Not your reviews! Please give sources.


Nora Louise Kuzma (Traci Elizabeth Lords)
Born ?/?/68 in West Virginia??
Ran away to California?
Attended Redondo Beach high school?

Porn movies
(list from American Video Monthly Oct/86)

Beverly Hills Copulator (may be illegal) Traci Lords Company ( )
I Love You Traci Traci Lords Company 87 (s)

1 Adult 45 Vol. 1 Dreamland Home Video ( )
2 Adventures of Tracy Dick Western Visuals (s)
3 Alex DeRenzy’s Wild Things Cal Vista/Caballero ( )
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Archive-title: Tall Clubs of North America

TCNA No. 34: January 28, 1993

Atlanta Sky-Hi Club P.O. Box 52579 Atlanta GA 30355
Tall Club of Austin P.O. Box 14274 Austin TX 78761
Baltimore Tall Club P.O. Box 46074 Baltimore MD 21240-6074
Tower C. of Baltimore 6814 Mink Hollow Rd.Box 16 Highland MD 20777
Bay Area Tall Texans P.O. Box 1416 League City TX 77574-14116
Tall Club of Bend 140 S.E. Rice Way Bend OR 97702
Boston Beanstalks Tall Club 27 Indiana Terrace Newton Upper Falls MA 02164
Miqhty High Tall Singles Club 2820 Ocean Pkwy, 20F Brookland NY 11235
Calary Tall Club #418,808 Royal Ave, S.W. Calgary AB T2T Ol3, Canada
Calif. Central Coast T.C. 47 Dearbourn Pl.#27 Goleta, CA 93117
Calif. Tip Toppers Tall Club, 6436 Firebrand St. LA, CA 90045
Central Arizona Tall Society P.O. 61811 Phoenix AZ 85082-1811
Central Jersey Tall Friends Club 650 E. Main St. Bridgewater NJ 08807
Tall CLub of Central Florida P.O. Box 149111 Orlando FL 32814-9111
Charleston Tall Club P.O. Box 20304 Charleston SC 29413-0304
Paramount Tall Club of Chicago PO Box A-3523 Chicago IL 60690
High Cincinnatians Tall Club P.O. Box 1811 Cincinnati OH 45201-1811
Skyscraper Club of Cleveland P.O. Brx 6581 Cleveland OH 44101
Columbia Tall Club P.O. Box 2509 Columbia SC 29202
Columbus High Society T.C. P.O. Box 16436 Columbus OH 43216
Tall Club of Corpus Christi 4818 Olympia Dr. Corpus Christs TX 78413
Tall Texans of Dallas P.O. Box 541254 Dallas, TX 75354-1254
Timberline Club of Denver P.O. Box 571 Denver CO 80201-0571
Tip Toppers Club of Detroit P.O. Box 1838 Royal Oak MI48068-1838
Rivercity High Society T.C. P.O. Box 2671 Evansville IN 47728-0671
Florida Skyliners of Miami P.O. Box 110237 Hialeah FL 33011-0237
Fort Wayne Hi Lites Club 15808 Canyon Clen Pkwy Ft Wayne IN 46845-9730
Golden Gate Tip Toppers 1366 Funston Ave. San Francisco CA 94122
Hartford Heights P.O. Box 230456 Hartford CT 06103
Honolulu Tall Club 39A Iliahi St. Honolulu HI 96817
Towering Texans of Houston P.O. Box 27228 Houston TX 77227-7228
Rocket City Tall Club P.O. Box 7365 Huntsville AL 35807
TNT Club of Idaho P.O. Box 1533 Boise ID 83701-1533
T.C. of Indianapolis 7920 Timber Ridge Dr. Apt C Indianapolis IN 46219
Iowa Tall Club 704 Second St. Charles City IA 50616
Tall Singles of Las Vegas 3851 S. Wynn Rd. #2042 Las Vegas NV 89103-6015
Tall Club of Long Island P.O. Box 341 Carle Place NY 11514-0341
Tall City T. C. of Midland P.O. Box 5781 Midland TX 79704-5781
Skyliners T. C. of Milwaukee P.O. Box 21527 Milwaukee WI 53221-0527
Milwaukee Toppers’ T. C. P.O. Box 1122 Milwaukee WI 53201
Twin Cities Tall Club P.O. Box 581091 Minneapolis MN 55458-1091
Montana Tall Club 612 7th Street N. Great Falls MT 59401
Sky High Club of Nashville 4204 Park Ave. Nashville TN 37209
New Jersey Moonrakers T. C. P.O. Box 1591 Ridgewood NJ 07451-1591
New Orleans Tall Club 217 Kepler Lake Ct. Slidell LA 70461
Walking Tall In NYC 372 5th Ave. Apt. 5A New York NY 10018
North Palm Beach T. C. P.O. Box 14554 North Palm Beach FL 33408
OKC Tall Club P.O. Box 76527 Oklahoma City OK 73147
Tall Club of Orange County P.O. Box 11411 Santa Ana CA 92711
Pacific Tall Club 3820 May Court Palo Alto CA 94303
Tower Club of Philadelphia P.O. Box 7581 Philadelphia PA 19101-7581
Golden Triangle Tall Club P.O. Box 2765 Pittsburg PA 15230-2765
Portland Skyliners Tall Club P.O. Box 713 Portland OR 97207
Redwood Empire Tall Club P.O. Box 2726 Rohnert Park CA 94927-2726
Reno Tall Club 1545 Fescue Court Reno NV 89509
Greater Richmond Tall Soc. P.O. Box 12304 Richmond VA 23241-0304
Tall Club of Rochester P.O. Box 20193 Rochester NY 14602
Sacramento Tall Club P.O. Box 515 Rancho Cordova CA 95741-0515
St. Louis Tip Toppers P.O. Box 791 Wheeler Station St. Louis MO 63101
Alamo City Tall Club P.O. Box 5934 San Antinio TX 78201
San Diego Tall Singles P.O. Box 81144 San Diego CA 92138
San Fernando Valley Tip Toppers PO Box 2756 Van Nuys CA 91404-2756
San Gabriel Valley Tall Singles PO Box 71 Monrovia CA 91017
Santa Cruz Tall Club 154 Manton Dr. San Jose CA 95123
Tall Club of Savannah 5 S. Nicholson Cr. Savannaha GA 91419
Seattle Tip Toppers P.O. Box 897 Seattle WA 98111
South Bay Tall Club P.O. Box 53391 San Jose CA 95153
Spokane Tall Club E. 429-17th Ave. Spokane WA 99203
Springfield Tall Club 1238 W. Governor St. Springfield IL 62704
Tampa Bay Tall n Terrific P.O. Box 7771 Clearwater FL 34618-7771
T. C. of Toronto P.O. Box 605, Station F Toronto ON M4Y 2L5, Canada
Tucson Tall Club P.O. Box 41285 Tucson AZ 85717-1285
Tulsa Tip Toppers T. C. P.O. Box 471215 Tulsa OK 74147-1215
T. C. of Greater Washington, D.C. P.O. Box 1162 Mclean VA 22101
Tri-County Talls of N.Y. & Conn. P.O. Box 662 Shelton CT 06484
Air Capitol Tall People P.O. Box 26 Augusta KS 67010



Mr. Uwe Seyler Pinneberger Strasse 37-A, 2084 Rellingen 2, Deutschland


Mr. Phil Heinricy 29 Stanhope Street, Hereford HR4 0HA, United Kingdom

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Archive-author: Dick Sated
Archive-title: PseudoCunt


The other day I found an amusing and informative text file on
some BBS or other, explaining how to make a lifelike, artificial
vagina “out of common household products.”

Hey, I thought, I’ve tried that. (Bet you have, too. Be honest.)
I was intrigued.

The guy who wrote it calls his device Porta-Pussy. It involves a
mailing tube, a string, and a balloon. Basically, you lower the
balloon into the tube, stretch the neck of the balloon to overlap
the outer edge of the tube, then use the string to stretch the
balloon down the length of the tube.

He suggests taping the tube to the edge of a table, kneeling down
and licking it for a while, then standing up and fucking it.

I just tried fucking it. It wasn’t bad. I decided not to try the
advanced applications, though, which include sticking a dildo up
your ass and drinking the cum as it leaks out of the tube. Another
time, maybe.

But I did admire his imaginative design; simple to make, reasonable
facsimile, easy cleanup (throw away the balloon). His description
made fun reading, too; “How I Spell Relief.” I encourage others to
download his file (called IWACK1.ZIP).

So, in a spirit of sharing, here’s my technique. It doesn’t look
as authentic as his, and it takes more preparation, but I think
it feels MUCH closer to the real thing. Close your eyes and the
PseudoCunt (this name just occurred to me; snappy, huh?) feels
just EXACTLY like a warm, wet, tight pussy.

You think I’m kidding, right? Nope. Read on, if you’re so inclined.


1- Registration
2- Materials & Ingredients
3- Construction
4- How to Use
5- Hints & Techniques
…End of the part1. To be continued..