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Divers do it deep

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

I went for a warm-water diving holiday – blue skies – clear water – my
club-mates all had other plans, or they had used up their holiday leave – and
so they got left behind

You never know who you’ll end up diving with – it’s a mixture, good and bad -
but it’s warm – We need our cold-water wetsuit tops on, over our swim gear, but
it’s warm enough to leave off the neoprene pants that are a must back home -
When I get there we have an odd number in the party – we start by diving with a
three – then the next new arrival is buddied with me – she isn’t bad-looking -
on the thin side – but she starts off like a real pain – chip-on-shoulder
feminist -

We start a boat dive – get our kit together – I go to check her over before we
dive – she says ‘don’t treat me like a beginner – I don’t need this macho diver
stuff – I’m an underwater archaeologist’ – well I come from a club where we
look after each other – we take safety seriously – I hope I’ll get the same
from you – she shrugs

we start the dive from the boat after a longish trip out round the coast – a
shallow-water boat dive should be safe and easy – no more than ten metres -
lots of light, warmth and colours – oh we can’t make up our minds to agree
which way to go – signal troubles and squabble – she swims well but wants to
lead off anywhere and everywhere – I follow – hardly any time to look at the
wildlife -

rocks and weed and crud – something wrong – we’re both tangled up in something
– I signal her to wait while I try and get rid of whatever it is – I get out my
knife and start cutting – she’s really nervous – fidgets and flaps – getting
more tangled up – is it net or is it line – can’t see as it’s practically
invisible in the water – just a bit of weed caught in it – I give her stronger
signals to stop fart-arsing about – point my index-finger – show flat of hand -
ring with thumb and first finger – meaning – you – stop right there – ok? -
at last she gives back – ok – she stops moving around and I set to work – only
a few strands round my fins – wow – she’s got in a mess – lots of tangled stuff
– knife isn’t the best for nets, but it’s all I’ve got – a very little air into
her jacket – so she’ll rise up out of the net as she gets free – bit of air
into mine too – I work to free her head first and then on down – what’s this,
more net stuff round her regulator valve – cut it free – stay far enough off
not to get tangled again myself we swap more signals while I work – check
there’s no more panic – she gives ‘ok’ back – right, now her body’s free and
out of the net, only her legs to do, there are strands around her knife-sheath
and fins – eventually we get her entirely free – at last – better check though
I’m pretty sure we’re all ok -

oh fuck, she may be a pain, but she’s got good legs – I get a slight stir about
the cock and wonder what the rest of her is like – well, now the main work is
done, but I run my hands all down her thighs, to make sure there’s nothing
…End of the part1. To be continued..

The Coming Storm

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

It was hot that day, like dog’s breath in your
ear. The sun sat squarely above us as we walked
hand in hand down the dirt road that bordered
Hank’s field. Off to the west came the distant
rumblings of an approaching storm. “How much
further is it?” I panted. We’d been walking for
nearly an hour and I was ready to drop. “We’re
almost there shooga,” she replied. This girl was
something else, country born and country bred.
Her yellow halter top and cutoff shorts did
everything but hide the luscious body under them.
I had to have her, I was hopelessly in love.

She stopped beneath the overhanging limbs of an
old live oak and sat on one of the drooping branches.
I sat next to her and felt her slide ever so slightly
in my direction. Sherry was her name and she was truly
fine. Beautiful through and through with a gorgeous
personality to match that incredible figure. I watched
her pull up her hair and fan her neck. A little drop
of sweat tiptoed down her neck and stood just above
that first hint of cleavage. Another joined it and then
another until together they ran into that moist valley
beneath her top. She saw me staring and giggled, goosebumps
rising from her flawless skin. “It’s just around the
corner shooga, why the fuss?” “I’m so hot,” I spat, “let’s
get the hell outta here and go swimmin’, O.K.?”

She stood up and stretched, then pulled the denim shorts
away from her thighs. Without a word she walked on without me.
Where she got this energy I’ll never know but all it did was
make me love her more. The storm rumbled again closer now.
Maybe it would cool things off. I followed her down that
dusty road toward a distant grove of trees.

I’d been seeing her now for about a month. We had a lot
of things in common and our sex life was coming along
nicely although we hadn’t yet gone all the way. She was
a paradox. So eager to get things going, so passionate
and warm at first and then suddenly cold like the cold
wind before a storm. My hands knew her every curve and
my lips knew her secret places. I could only hope that
I wouldn’t have to wait much longer. As it came nearer,
so it faded away.

She reached the trees long before I did and by the time
I stumbled into the shadows she was undressed. Her skin
…End of the part1. To be continued..