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Bus Driving Experience

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

In my last year of high school, I was a school bus driver. I didn’t drive
in the morning, but our high school let out at 2:30, so I drove junior
high kids home when they got out at 3. For most of the year, it was just
a job, but I had some fun, too.

In addition to being a normal, sex-crazed teenage male, some of the young
ladies who rode my bus sent my mind in a whirl. Because I was small for my
age, most of the ninth-grade girls, with their wide hips and flashing eyes
seemed kind of threatening to me. They sometimes tried to come on to me,
but it only emphasized how they thought I was their age.

I tended to fantasize more about the younger girls, to whom I apparently
appeared to be more a “grown-up.” I got a kick out of these younger
girls’ giggly flirting, especially because I was too shy to ask out
girls my own age. And I sometimes got a hard-on from glancing in my
rear-view mirror as they squirmed to talk to their friends and gave
me an unimpeded view of the well-filled panties underneath their
little-girl skirts. little-girl skirts.

One girl whom I remember was simply exceptional. Her name was Angie.
A seventh-grader, she was small for her age, too, without only a hint
of swelling in the front of her blouse or tee-shirt. From the very
first day, she always sat on the front seat, to the driver’s right. I
dropped her off at one of my last stops before taking the bus back to
the high school parking lot.

I tried to speak to all the kids as they got on and off the bus, but,
because she sat beside me, Angie and I chatted often. I found out her
father had moved to town for a one-year assignment, so she had few
friends at school. Besides, she said, they would be moving away again
as soon as school was over. In addition, Angie had gone to some kind
of advanced program where she lived before, so she was only twelve,
a year younger than the other seventh-graders.

Throughout the nine months I drove her, Angie and I talked about all
kinds of things — what we got for Christmas, local events, favorite
television shows. We talked a lot about our futures and interests.

Angie wanted to be a model and a dancer. She had the elfin build
and pixie features that would have made her a terrific model. Her
dark-blonde hair was cut with bangs in front and was long in the
back. She sometimes wore it in some kind of fancy braid, but mostly
in a simple pony tail. Because she liked wearing short skirts, I
was able to tell her she had great legs for her prospective dancing
career. Whenever I said something personal like that, she smiled
and blushed.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Leave the Driving to someone else

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The drone of the engines finally put me to sleep. When I
awoke, the bus was pulling into the station in yet another small
town. No one got off, but three people did get on, and after a
short time, we were on our way, again.
The blonde headed lady had slowly walked to the rear of the
bus, and finally seated herself across the aisle from me. I gave
her a small nod of the head and a brief smile. She acknowledged
the nod with a smile, and sat down. Although she said nothing,
she did glance at me more than once, and after we were moving,
she finally leaned across the void and asked where I was headed.
I replied and she said that was interesting, as she was headed to
Dallas, also. To visit her daughter, her married daughter.
She didn’t look old enough to have a married daughter, and I
told her so. She smiled at that, and said thank you to the
compliment, and then looked straight ahead, silently. I made
myself comfortable again, and went back to sleep. The next stop
woke me up, again, and as I looked sleepily around, saw that she
was looking at me.
“Did you enjoy your nap?”
“I guess,” I replied. “I really don’t remember much about
She laughed at that, and as the bus driver said that we would
be here for 15 minutes, she stood and stretched, somewhat showing
off her figure, and then moved forward and off the bus. She
returned about five minutes later carrying a small paper bag.
After she was seated, she emptied the bag, one article at a time,
laying the cans of soda, bags of chips, and a cold sandwich on
the empty seat next to her.
The sight of the soda cans suddenly made me very thirsty, and
heaving myself up, I too stretched and made my way forward and
off the bus. I got a Pepsi from the machine next to the terminal
door, and after popping it open, stepped back onto the bus and
returned to my seat.
She had watched me as I walked back down the aisle to my
seat, almost in the same manner as I had appraised the figures of
women as they walked. She had smiled at me as I slid into my
seat, and again after I had sat down. I had merely nodded an
When the bus finally pulled out of the terminal, we both
settled in for the ride. With another six hours before we
reached Dallas, I looked out the window as the west Texas country
side slid by, and marveled at the hues in the sky as the sun set
behind us. The few other passengers on the bus were several rows
ahead of us, and all appeared to be either reading or sleeping.
“My name is Carol,” she said as she reached over and touched
my arm with her hand.
“Oh..” I came out of my own little world. “Nice to meet you
…End of the part1. To be continued..

The Commute

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Port Authority Bus Terminal was nearly empty at this hour of the
evening. Ben waited on line for his bus home to Jersey, exhausted after
another day of bullshit at his public relations firm. It was bad enough
to pull these late nights on occasion, but to top it off this was the
start of the July 4th weekend. Just about everyone else had deserted
the city for cooler climates, making the station seem more desolate than

There were two other business types waiting on the “33″ line. Ben
looked at the clock: 11:45, five more minutes. He glanced across the
corridor, to an old bum lying in front of a bank of payphones, to the
contents of a trashcan overturned by someone looking for cans to
recycle. He was jostled from his reverie by a soft voice.

“Excuse me, is this the line for Montclair?” Ben turned to behold
a very pretty blonde. He momentarily forgot the question as he stared
at her. “The 33, does it stop here?”

The woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She was clad in a
short, loose black skirt with a sleeveless gold top that accented her
hair, which looked freshly washed. Maybe she just came from the gym,
Ben thought. Her attire and hair complemented a deep golden tan. Ben
remembered that it had been some time since he’d been laid and he felt
some familiar twitchings in his pants.

“Oh, sorry,” he finally responded. “Yeah, this is the line.” The
blonde thanked him and pulled out a paperback.

The bus pulled up to the door and the riders boarded. They were
greeted by an announcement that there was an accident in the Lincoln
Tunnel that could delay the trip. If there was one thing Ben hated, it
was getting stuck in the tunnel.

The two passengers ahead of him sat up front. Ben opted for
something in the middle of the bus. The blonde sat in the row in front
of him, across the aisle.

When the bus pulled away from the gate, the driver turned off the
main lights. Ben switched on his overhead lamp and returned to his
crossword puzzle. The blonde switched her light but it didn’t work.
Neither did the one for the seat next to her. “Shit,” she muttered, as
she gathered he bag and moved to the seat directly across from Ben. At
least he would have something to look at.

The blonde crossed her sexy legs, and tugged at her skirt. Ben
kept glancing at her, hoping she wouldn’t catch him. But she was intent
on her book.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Afternoon in the Booth

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

It all began innocently enough. My husband, Jack, and I were driving home
from a party. We both had drunk enough that we were feeling relaxed. Though
not exactly newlyweds, we still get frisky and I was feeling warm this night.

As we drove on the interstate home, I leaned against Jack and said that I
couldn’t wait to get home. “What are you going to do first?” he asked. I
allowed how I was looking forward to getting out of these clothes. “Why
wait?’ he asked as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Though
I had never done anything outside the house before, I decided to play his
little game. I reached down and unbuttoned my blouse. Jack’s eye were having
a hard time sticking to the road. I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and
removed. I leaned against Jack and could tell from his bulge that he was
having fun. The funny thing was that I was enjoying this little game too.
Jack asked, “You’re not done yet are you?” A challenge like that couldn’t
go unanswered. I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra. I lowered
it to my lap. Jack’s eye nearly bugged out when he looked over and saw my
naked breasts in the passing cars headlight. I leaned against him and he
put his hand around me and grab my right breast and started playing. By the
time we arrived home, we were both so excited that we didn’t even make it out
of the garage.

That was our first experience with exhibition. Over the next few months,
we experimented with it a few times. Jack talked me into flashing truckers my
tits a couple of times. At home, Jack bought a Polaroid camera and made me
his star model. I didn’t mind to much (if the truth be told, I usually
enjoyed and I always enjoyed the lovemaking after a session) as long as he
promised to keep the pictures private and we didn’t do anything to near to
home. I didn’t want one of our little games coming home to haunt us. I
would indulge him by wearing sexy clothes out but only if we were out of
town. Jack really enjoyed other men looking at me on these trips.

One day, he came home from a business trip and he was more intense then
usually. He told me he had found a little adult book store just off the main
interchange. He said they had peep show movies and books(he had a package
with some “swinger’s magazines” and one with amateur pictures. He also told
me they had a stripper booth. We read the magazines and Jack tried to talk me
into trading pictures with some couples in the magazines. I was unwilling and
said that as long as it was safe (like at home or out of town), I didn’t mind
playing games but to send pictures to unknown people was too much (not to
mention meet them later on). Jack pouted for a couple days but by the
weekend, he seemed ready to forget the whole thing.

He suggested a ride out of town. I knew what he wanted and figured since
I had rained on his parade earlier, that I would try to make it up to him this
weekend. I put on a pair of shorts and a halter with nothing on underneath.
Once we were out on the road, I started teasing Jack but dropping and then
retying the halter. He was getting an eyeful and I even let a trucker get a
…End of the part1. To be continued..


Monday, February 4th, 2008

It is a sunny warm day, a perfect day for a bike ride. The sun is just coming
up, the sky is a wonderful golden blue color, and the birds are singing. I
hear a motorcycle pull up in front, and I open the door to find you standing
there, smiling, arms out for a hug. We stand hugging and kissing for a couple
of minutes, and then reluctently pull apart. You notice that I am wearing
leather pants and a leather halter sort-of top, and comment “Going leather on
me huh?”. I smile and tell you that the pants were especially made for me and
have a special feature that I will show you, later.

We get on the bike and go off to breakfast where you ask me what sort of
special feature my pants have. I smile, and tell you that I will show you when
we get to the parking lot. We quickly finish breakfast, and go to the bike. I
tell you to stand beside the bike while I climb on so you can see the special
feature of my pants. As I straddle the bike, you can see that the pants have
no crotch to speak of and that my cunt is completely visable to you. You also
notice that I have shaved all my hair off and you comment about that.

“That way I have nothing at all between me and the bike and I get all those
wonderful vibrations”. You reach over to run one finger along my cunt and I
sigh, wanting more, yet knowing that we are in a public place. “You know, you
can reach back at the stop lights to touch me” I whisper “and just wait until
you see what the back of this top looks like…….”

You climb on the bike, and we take off. At the next couple of stop lights, you
reach back to touch my cunt, but it is a difficult to keep the bike upright
with just one hand when I am squirming around. At the next light, I reach down
with my gloved hand and put a finger into my pussy and then place that finger
into your mouth. The light changes and I hear you moan “Let’s find somewhere
quiet so we can be alone”.

Up into the mountains we go, away from all the people, into the trees, the
warmth. We spot a small dirt road that leads into the trees, away from the
main road, and decide to try it. The ride is bumpy for a few yards, and then
smooths out and twists around into the trees to a clearing by a brook. We get
off the bike, you spread a blanket on the ground, and we sit down. “Now show
me this top”. I unzipper my jacket and you realize that the top I am wearing
looks like it is held on by magic. As I remove the jacket you can see that it
is just a piece of soft glove leather in front with a couple of pieces of
leather thong holding it on in back….one piece around my neck and another
piece across my upper back under my arms. The lower bottom of the front isn’t
really held down and gets blown gently by the breeze.

“This outfit, you look so good in it, and it looks so accessable too”.

I smile, “I have been waiting so long to be with you again, that anything else
I thought about wearing just didn’t seem right” You lift up the top and start
carressing my breasts while you lay me down with your kisses. Your thigh is
between my legs, brushing against my cunt. My hands start wandering along your
back, on your ass, around your hips. You start kissing and licking your way
down my neck, under the top, to my nipples. I moan as you take each on into
your mouth to suck on it. I am rubbing my cunt on your leg, “More” I whisper
“Please, more”.

You move down my stomach, your mouth following your hands, you spread open my
legs to reveal my cunt to your tongue and fingers. The combination of my
juices and the leather smells wonderful and it makes you even hotter. You
start licking my cunt slowly putting a gloved finger in my pussy. I push
againist your face, wanting still more. The faster I push, the harder you lick
and the further you put your finger in me. In my head I feel like a thousand
fireworks are going off as I cum. You stop licking me and move up so I can
reach your pants. I sit up slightly, undo your belt and remove your pants.
Your cocks wants out so bad, it looks like it is going to burst through your
underwear. Rubbing your cock through your shorts, I kneel beside you, kiss you
on the mouth, and begin to lick your neck, your ears (love your ears, your very
sensitive ears) down your chest as I unbutton your shirt, -and then removing
your shorts, to your cock. Ah, the wonderful taste of your cock as it enters
my mouth for the first time. Licking up and down the shaft, taking the head in
my mouth licking around the head, then putting all of it into my mouth still
licking it. My hands fondle your balls and your ass.

Your hands are on my head, stroking my hair. I want your cock in my pussy. I
start licking my way up your chest, still fondleing your cock and balls. When
I get to your ears, I whisper “Put your cock into me now, I want to feel it
inside of me”. Pushing me onto my back, you slowly enter me. You feel my
leather pants around your thighs, the almost satin feeling of them, and then
the feeling of being inside of me, the moist, tight, warmth. We start moving
together, slowly at first, but we can’t wait any longer. Faster, harder we
move, your mouth on my tits, sucking them making me hotter and wetter. You
feel me starting to cum, and push further into me. Screaming we both cum
feeling like it will never end, not wanting it to end. Finally we lie quietly,
in each others arms. We pull the blanket over us and fall into a quiet sleep.