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Monday, November 26th, 2007

Archive-author: Tazzie
Archive-title: Hypnosis

! What Hypnotism Is !

Hypnotism, contrary to common beleif, is merely state when your mind and body
are in a state of relaxation and your mind is open to positive, or cleverly
worded negative, influences. It is NOT a trance where you:

o Are totally influencable.
o Cannot lie.
o A sleep which you cannot wake up from
without help.

This may bring down your hopes somewhat, but, hypnotism is a powerful for
self help, and/or mischeif.

! Your Subconcious Mind !

Before going in further, I’d like to state that hypnotism not only is great
in the way that it relaxes you and gets you (in the long run) what you want,
but also that it taps a force of incredible power, beleive it or not, this
power is your subconcious mind. The subconcious mind always knows what is
going on with every part of your body, every moment of the day. It protects
you from negative influences, and retains the power to slow your heartbeat
down and stuff like that. The subconcious mind holds just about all the info
you would like to know about yourself, or, in this case, the person you will be
hypnotising. There are many ways to talk to your subconcious and have it talk
back to you. One way is the ouja board, no its not a spirit, merely the minds
of those who are using it. Another, which I will discuss here, is the pendulum
method. Ok, here is how it goes. First, get a ring or a washer and tie it to
a thread a little longer than half of your forearm. Now, take a sheet of paper
and draw a big circle in it. In the big circle you must now draw a crosshair
(a big +). Now, put the sheet of paper on a table. Next, hold the thread
with the ring or washer on it and place it (holding the thread so that the
ring is 1 inch above the paper swinging) in the middle of the crosshair. Now,
swing the thread so the washer goes up and down, say to yourself the word “yes”
Now, do it side to side and say the word “no”. Do it counter clockwise and say
“I don’t know”. And lastly, do it clockwise and say “I dont want to say.”
Now, with the thread back in the middle of the crosshair, ask yourself
questions and wait for the pendulum to swing in the direction for the answer.
(Yes, no, I dont know or I dont wanna say…). Soon, to your amazement, it
will be answering questions like anything… Let the pendulum answer, dont try
.. When you try you will never get an answer. Let the answer come to you.
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Archive-author: BeastBoy
Archive-title: Guide to Select Female Animal

This is a Guide written by one of my friends, BeastBoy. I hope you
find it informative… Constructive comments welcomed. All flames
will go to /dev/null…

A Guide to Selecting a Female Animal for Fun and Friendship

Copyright 1993 BeastBoy
All Rights Reserved


I have often been asked by the would-be bestialist: “What kind
of animal is the best?” A lot of the answer, of course, is
personal taste, but many guys have little or no experience, and
have no knowledge on which to base an opinion. An ideal
situation would be to have one of each to experiment with, but
in this day and age, few can have a place to keep farm animals,
and fewer still can keep a selection of them. Therefore, I
have written this paper, in which I will share some insights
gained over more than 35 years of making love to animals of all
common species. My opinions are my own, of course, but perhaps
the information here will help lead you in the right direction.

First there are some important things that are common to all


If you live in an area where you can have farm animals, there
are bound to be one or more livestock auctions nearby. If you
decide to attend, get there early and inspect the possibilities.
A lot of this is just gut feel, since you will not likely get
close enough to touch them. If you are going to bid on an
animal, select one that has a sleek coat, bright eyes and an
alert posture. A lot of auction animals have not been treated
very well in their life, so they will be suspicious of humans
and may be difficult to train.

The best place to buy livestock is from a breeder. The cost
will be higher, but you will be able to better evaluate the
animal and find out something about her history. You will be
able to get a “hands on” inspection, so be sure to briefly get a
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Archive-author: Nevyn
Archive-title: Guide to Sex with Dogs

A few people have chatted to me via private mail, asking
for advice on having sex with animals. I would like to put
down a few pointers for novices. Let’s concentrate on dogs for
this article, as they are the animal of my preference, and
also I think they are the animal most furries will readily have
access to. I will try to explain any jargon I use, but only
briefly, as I don’t wish this to be a technical discourse. If
you need clarification on terms used here, comment to me on
Alt.Sex.Bestiality or check a good ‘Encyclopaedia of Dogs’. I
am also only going to refer to animals that have not been de-
sexed (in the case of males, having their testes surgically
removed. In the case of females, having ovaries removed). I
can’t bear the thought of any animals of mine missing out on
sexual pleasure. Even so, I know in any city dog populations
are too high, and hundreds of dogs are destroyed daily. There
are good arguments for de-sexing, but a responsible owner
should be able to keep an entire animal without accidental
litters (and still keep the animal sexually satisfied!)
Also note that when I refer to dogs, I mean any breed
Labrador or larger. In my mind, anything smaller than a
Labrador isn’t really a dog. If I refer to a ‘Giant Breed’, I
am talking in the category of English Mastiff, Great Dane, St.
Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, etc. These are REAL
The first rule that leaps to my mind is this:- the
animal MUST BE CONSENTING!! If the animal is enjoying the
experience of having sex with you, the sex is so much more
fulfilling. If the animal is not enjoying it, you are
committing rape. If you have to force the animal into
anything, stop. I hope most of us would agree that we are
animal lovers, sharing sex with our animal partners as a gift
of pleasure. Any other attitude toward your animal partner
makes you a loathsome, slimy reptile, unworthy of the status of
a toad. So there.

Let’s start with bitches.
Bitches become sexually mature (depending on the size of
the breed) at around 8-18 months. The larger the breed, in
general, the later they will have their first heat (Oestrous,
the bitch becomes fertile after a 5-7 day period of menstrual
bleeding. Male dogs become insanely attracted to her scent,
and will chew/dig through anything to get at her. This lasts
for around 7 days, followed by another 5-7 days of menstrual
bleeding. After that the bitch is no longer fertile. Her next
…End of the part1. To be continued..

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Archive-author: Dirty Bob
Archive-title: A Reader’s Guide to Amateur Videos – Vol. I

(coming soon in Video XCitement Magazine!)

I contacted most of the main advertisers in a recent issue (#24) to obtain
information for this Guide. Most responded promptly. Some sent samples. Only
a few did not bother to respond–and they are listed as such! I wonder why…?
As you can see, I did not ask for too much information–just the basics. I
wanted to help those of you new to buying this type of video get an idea of what
all is available. Hopefully, it will do the job. If it helps, great!

Name, Address Û cat. Û Video Û # Û Their Best-Selling Video Price
Scratch ³ free ³ N/A ³ 4 ³ “Thirsty”
Box 3032 ³ ³ ³ ³ 95 minutes AMATEUR $43.00
Kansas City, Ks. 66103 ³ ³ ³ ³ girl solo; oral/face cum shots
9 Southmoor Circle ³ free ³ $15.00³ 8 ³ 60 minutes Pro $19.95
Kettering, Ohio 45429 ³ ³ ³ ³ Nude activities & contests: mud
³ ³ ³ ³ wrestling, dancing, body painting
Lindsey Holden ³ free ³ N/A ³ 3 ³ “Lindsey #1″
1214 Washington St. ³ ³ ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR $25.00
Vicksburg, Ms. 39180 ³ ³ ³ ³ girl solo; misc; excellent!
Hott #420-MH ³ free ³ N/A ³ 5 ³ “Irene Shaves #1″
129 E. Colorado Blvd. ³ ³ ³ ³ 30 minutes AMATEUR $19.00
Monrovia, Ca. 91016 ³ ³ ³ ³ solo; shaves; strips; masturbates
Video Alternatives #405 ³ free ³ $20.00³ 20³ “Cheryl’s All-Day Affair”
1620 Country Club Plaza ³ ³ cred- ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR $25.00
St. Charles, Mo. 63303 ³ ³ ited ³ ³ girl w/ many guys! Nonstop fun/sex
WVP ³ $2.00³ $24.95³ 31³ “Vol. 16 – Darlene”
7737 Fari Oaks Blvd. I29³ ³ ³ ³ 65 minutes AMATEUR $35.00
Carmichael, Ca. 95608 ³ ³ ³ ³ lingerie changes; nudity, posing
New World Video ³ free ³ $30.00³ 62³ “Vol. 20″
Box 858 ³ ³ ³ ³ AMATEUR $35.00
Aberdeen, Wa. 98520 ³ ³ ³ ³ 3-way interracial action
California Classic Clips³ free ³ N/A ³ ³ “#10″ and “#4″
Box 1249 ³ broc-³ ³ ³ 60 minutes AMATEUR/PRO $29.95
…End of the part1. To be continued..